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Ok Raggers, I am in the middle of an attempted hairstyle  renaissance.  The problem is that for years I’ve only gotten quick and easy chop-shop jobs in Sacramento.  I have no go-to stylist or barber and now need to find someone who’ll do a good job with men’s hair.

And at an affordable price- I can’t spend more than what my wife spends or else marital discourse will ensue.

So any suggestions of people/places to go who can do something fun and stylish? I don’t think my last haircutter understood anything but “Number 3 on the sides and back.”

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  1. I had a real good haircut from Eddy’s barber shop on 38th and J St (next to Twisted). They specialize in Rockabilly cuts, though I just went with my normal cut. It was $13 I think, for a male cut.


  2. I go to Heads First on 21st and P. Mari or Russell (I have been going to Mari for more than a year).

    I have no idea what you specifically mean by “fun and stylish” (pink cornrows??) but she does a great job on my hair and changes it up a little to try different stuff.

    I also used to go to Havey’s in West Sac (Jefferson and West Cap, near the La Bou), which is always full of men of all ages, and they do weird shit like shaving patterns in your head. I was always tempted to get the “Cool as Ice” look.


  3. I go to Suede Salon on Fulton( Kamran is great and might give you a stylish do. They also have a salon at Folsom. If you’re younger than I (hence you have no idea who Doogie Houser was), they have another salon but I can’t remember the name. I think they take walk-ins and the prices are cheaper. Good luck!


  4. Go to Mason at Magic Salon on Franklin and Sutterville in Curtis Park. Good prices and cool funky environment. Very loud Bowie music.


  5. Bosley Hair for Men for body, with a dash of Clairol #8 for colour. Eddie Bauer for the sweater, and Max Factor for the lips. Isn’t that a picture of local hearthrob Marc S. Allen at his prior gig as a teen dance MC from 1959?


  6. I second the vote for Mason at Magic Salon. He is awesome and does every kind of hair you can imagine. He really worked hard to get the experience that would allow his salon to be the best.


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