Comedy Tonight!…and Tomrrow!…and the Next Night!

Looking for a weekend of comedy? Of course you are.

Tonight at 9pm, come check out long-form improvisation at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. 1716 Broadway, tickets are $8. It’s hilarious, it’s educational, it’s reasonably priced.

Saturday at 9pm, ComedySportz at the Geery theater. 22nd and L. Tix are $12. Discounted to $10 if you use the coupon code “grape.” See improv comedy played as a competitive sport. Funny, fast-paced and clean enough for all ages (we hope, it is improv after all, you never know what could happen).

Sunday at 8:30pm, check out Gabriel Iglesias at the Punchline (Howe & Arden). What happens when you morph Ralphie May and John Leguizamo? This guy. Tix are $25.

2 thoughts on “Comedy Tonight!…and Tomrrow!…and the Next Night!”

  1. The show appears to run trhough the weekend of the 16th…I know at some point, probably after the 16th, they are supposed to get their own venue outside of the Geery.

    Geery is at 21st and L


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