Enjoying the Fair for Less

Spend less dough getting into the fair so you have more to spend on the fried dough inside! Here are some ways that the State Fair folks are saving you money this year:

Today is Tuesday, so that means all children 12 and younger get in for free, and those carnival rides will cost you just $1 each today.I LOVE POPPY This applies to next Tuesday, too.

Today, August 19th, is First Responders Day, so all First Responders (in our out of uniform) with proper identification gain free admission. (OK, so I have a First Responder card from my CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens certification — would that get me in? They mean firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and the like, right?)

All guests can gain admission for just $5 before 5pm on Thursdays and Mondays (excluding Labor Day), and you can park for free until 4pm.

If you’re a senior citizen (and I know we have lots of those reading the ‘rag), you’ll get in for $6 before 6pm on Friday. Seniors also get “Free Wheel Rides,” but I have no idea what that means.

Other ways to save a few dollars:

– Kids can read three books and get three free carnival rides by filling out a Read & Ride report form and turning it in at Guest Services. You can score an additional free ride ticket by visiting the Golden 1 booth.

– Bring some of your own food and drink: You can bring outside food, as long as it’s in paper or plastic containers. Ice chests will be searched, and no glass bottles, aluminum cans, or alcohol will be allowed.

Here’s more on what’s free.

(The one thing that’s not listed as being free is Poppy’s love for all of the citizens of California. I won’t let my disappointment that I haven’t seen Poppy at all in my past three of three visits to the State Fair tarnish my affection for the golden fluffball. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POPPY! I love you! )

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Fair for Less”

  1. Way to save a few dollars on entrance fees:
    Swim up the river. When you see the power lines, you are getting close. Make a north at the “farm animal and water waste drain.” It’s a big concrete chanel with foamy water- you will know it when you smell/see it. Swim up to the metal doors. Open door (hinged at top), and follow to fairgrounds. You are now in. You may NO LONGER shower off in the spray fountain (I love how they fenced off the spray fountain- you can SEE the cool, but you can’t touch the cool water, or it’ll burn your flesh off), so you will have to now “fall” into the lagoon to clean off.


  2. After a long hiatus, we saw Poppy this year on opening day! He was wearing a tux and dancing with the UCD Band-uh at the front gate at 10am.

    We didn’t see him at all alst year. Our theory was that he was hanging with Tesla last year and partied too much to make any appearances. We were a little worried when we heard Jessica Simpson was coming, but luckily she missed opening day.


  3. I’m so jealous! I haven’t seen Poppy in YEARS. I need a new photo with him for our screensaver — the one now is soooo ’04.


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