The Circus is in town!

fight back!
That’s it, fight back, kids!

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus takes to the rings at Arco Arena Thursday. Tickets are actually pretty cheap, lower level tickets are going for $11.50 and kids under 2 are free.

Though the real circus did away with the freak show long ago, this weekend midtown will also be home to the “2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities,” an art show “juxtaposing the dark, painful lives of performing animals with the fun, amusing atmosphere of a carnival.” Here are some photos from last year’s event. (Is that Hellboy himself Ron Perlman? I know it’s not, but that would be a sweet get, bigger than Dan Piraro, creator of comic strip Bizarro, who’ll be headlining this year. Although that is a pretty neat get.)

Incidentally, every time I drive past the Verge Gallery on 19th street, with its circus-themed decorations outside in preparation for the big show, I think “sweet! retro circus themed store!” I don’t think it would be wise to bring the kids into the gallery…

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15 thoughts on “The Circus is in town!”

  1. Ugh. Yeah, Ringling tix are cheap, but why anyone would pay even a penny to watch (and support!) exploitation of animals is beyond me. How could anyone enjoy Ringling’s show knowing how miserably the animals are treated (spending most of their days in chains, being hit with bullhooks and prods)? I’m a parent, and I don’t want my child to be taught that animals are put here for our amusement, whatever the cost.

    Humane minded folks should definitely check out the Circus Show on 2nd Saturday–and support animal-free circuses (Cirque Eloize, Cirque du Soleil) when they are in the area.


  2. “ The Circus is No Place for Animal Abuse”

    i mean, whatever you want to do in your bedroom is OK, but keep that shit out of the circus for crying out loud.

    Nah just joshin. I am also against animal cruelty.


  3. Forgot to add–if you really want to see (or want your kids to see) animals up close, go to an open house at one of our area’s fantastic animal sanctuaries: PAWS, Animal Place, or Farm Sanctuary.


  4. Or the dog or cat who I feed and live with. More joshin.

    The Farm Sanctuary, eh? That sounds neat, I didn’t get to see enough of Glenn County on my way up to Oregon. Or you could say I basically saw all of Glenn County on my way through Glenn County.


  5. Wow, farm animals. I really appreciate the Farm Santuary’s work and mission and all that, but I don’t feel that I really need to go somewhere to look at a cow.

    Next time you are in Oregon:
    West Coast Game Park (near Bandon)
    Wildlife Safari (near Winston)
    Discount Lion Safari (near Springfield)


  6. It is a fictional place from a television show called “The Simpsons”. It is possible that these fictional lions have retired from a fictional circus, I can’t be sure.

    The first two are real.


  7. Also Safari West in Santa Rosa. If you go, be sure to get Gideon as your guide. He is from Africa and toured with the Lion King production. Awesome.


  8. Blech–those “safari” places are basically no better than roadside zoos. They typically get animals from disreputable breeders, do not contribute to species conservation programs, and keep animals in inappropriate & dangerous conditions for a profit. Just get a good DVD and see the animals in their native habitats. (see:

    The only truly compassionate option is a genuine sanctuary, accredited by the Association of Sanctuaries ( And being up close with and hearing the stories of a cow (or or other farmed animal) who was rescued from a slaughterhouse can be a life-changing experience, for those who are open to it.


  9. The two in Oregon participate in conservation biology programs and have good reputations. But, agreed, many of these operations are pretty shady and do not benefit the animals.


  10. The anti-circus show overloaded the senses with a variety of visual, musical and performance art. Bravo, events like this show off both the talent of the Sacramento artist community and the spirit of their supportive audience.


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