Peets alert!

It may not be economic but it's definitely stimulus.
It may not be economic
but it’s definitely stimulus.

Here’s another one for the “things are not as bad as they seem” file.

For all you midtown Peetniks, a new Peets has opened up at the southeast corner of Capitol and Alhambra. You’ll be happy to know there is yet another caffeine option in the area.

So, even though times are tough, apparently the fundamentals of our coffee are strong.

6 thoughts on “Peets alert!”

  1. They put cafeine in Peeps? Wowza! OH! Pee*t*s- not the Easter marshmallow chicks. Never mind. (Mmmm… Easter Marshmallow Chicks… [Drool])

    Yes- govt. approved/ratified/tolerated/supported mind-and-body altering drugs will always do well in any economy. I don’t see too many brewers/distillers going under either. Stimulants and depressants seem to go hand in hand.


  2. That Peet’s isn’t actually open yet, though the inside looks like it will be any day now. It will be the closest caffeine to my home, so I’ll cop to having been watching and waiting.


  3. As much as Peets is my coffee chain, better coffee, dreamy scones and hand pies only two blocks away at Sargents… sticking with Sargents. Yup. Hand Pies.


  4. I like Peets…but…why put one in there. Down the block from Sargents. A nice local place. There almost as bad as Starblanks in that way.


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