Kings Salaries Posted Online

The Sacramento Bee has added to its Databases section the salaries of our Sacramento Kings professional basketball team.

Wow, it’s good to be the Kings.

Update: The Bee has updated their page to finalize the “down-to-the-dollar reality of the team’s payroll”

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11 thoughts on “Kings Salaries Posted Online”

  1. I think the Bee missed a golden opportunity for synergy… “how many State of CA Staffers is your favorite Kings player worth!” … “Mikki Moore earned 3 Joseph Blankenship, Janitor II, Dept of Forestry’s per game” … etc


  2. Stay in school and study hard, kids. Only then will you succeed in life. hahaha
    There must really be a lot of idiots willing to shell out big bucks to watch the Kings play (and buy a beer, and a basket of nachos, and park). You’d think that would change if everyones’ houses, 401ks, and dollars were dropping in value. I guess the economy isn’t that bad under Bush.


  3. I don’t understand why the Bee did this. First, pro athletes’ salaries are already discussed ad nauseum in the sports section. Second, pro athlete base salaries generally don’t come very close to reflecting their actual income, since they can have incentive clauses, plus all the endorsement money and other outside income that’s out there. Third, their salaries have little relevance to us normal folk. We might as well look at the income of The Donald or someone of his ilk.

    Next up for the Bee: Data bases of celebrity salaries! Oooh, can’t wait!


  4. I do not really care all that much about how much money they make. More power to them. I would love to the see the Bee post a list of the highest paid lobbyists at the capital.


  5. I would love to the see the Bee post a list of the highest paid lobbyists at the capital.


    And a list of the “incentive clauses, endorsement money and other outside income” recently “retired” local politicians get.


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