Sacramento rallies around Grant High

By now, you’ve heard that Grant High won the California Interscholastic Federation Open Division State Football Championship Bowl Game on Saturday night in Carson, CA. Fox 40 took the lead with their extensive coverage of the game. Watch the kids arrive in Northern California from Ah, to be young again…

What’s really exciting here is how quickly the community gathered around to schedule a parade to celebrate the victory.

Twin Rivers School District officials, and city officials, are scrambling to lock down speakers, publicize the event, and make other preparations. “We got a permit rushed right though and every one is very excited to celebrate some good news,” said school district spokeswoman Trinette Marquis…Marquis said the Sacramento police and fire departments have chipped in by handing out fliers in addition to their normal crowd control and safety duties. The district’s automated phone system will be making more than 25,000 phone calls to invite district students, parents and staff to the parade and rally.

That’s good stuff right there. *rant* Seriously, how many more news stories about how things haven’t begun to suck yet can we all take? We get it! */rant*

The parade (great use of, btw) is set to start at 1 p.m. at Grant High School and end with a 3:30 p.m. rally at the City Hall at 9th and I streets.

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4 thoughts on “Sacramento rallies around Grant High”

  1. When three Grant High students won the PSAT’s national merit scholarships, their mom’s brought cupcakes for the class. The cupcake’s were thrown out as “not peanut and non-sugar safe certified.”
    Grant High’s NMS students commit 100% fewer crimes than their state champion football team students.
    Grant High’s three NMS students each earn an average of 150% more, per student, lifetime, than the entire state championship team.
    Cool parade floats dude.


  2. A nice win for Grant, possibly the worst high school in the area by most other measures due to its impoverished circumstances, taking down one of the state’s most prestigious schools not only in sports but in all other areas, including number of alumni named Cameron Diaz or Snoop Dogg.


  3. From

    The team many thought didn’t belong on California’s biggest stage pulled off Northern California’s only victory and one of the nation’s biggest upsets of the season late Saturday night at the Home Depot Center. Fittingly, it was the country’s last high school game of 2008. Grant, a little-known school from the toughest streets of Sacramento, took a me-against-the-world approach and stunned one of the nation’s most renowned programs with a 25-20 victory over Long Beach Poly in the CIF State Bowl Game Open Division championship.

    This report helps emphasis what a big deal this is for high school sports in Sacramento and Northern California.


  4. And we all know how much impact HS sports has on “self esteem,” which in turn lowers violence rates, unemployment, gang activity, and drop-outtedness. I hope all those kids out there can aspire to playing a HS sport themselves someday.
    Good for Grant High students winning the state championship. Boo n’ hiss on the adults for making more of this that should be made. Too much like the whacky formal/limo “graduation” parties for 8th graders.


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