KCRA, where the non-news comes first

KCRA reported over the weekend that the economic downturn has hurt River Cats ticket sales. “It’s considerably decreased” says Chad Collins, Director of Ticket Sales. “I hope this isn’t an indication of what the rest of the season is going to be,” says Group Events Executive Marie Maita.

Think again. Those quotes are in the story, but they’re actually just courtesy of local residents waiting in line to buy tickets, “reporting” on their memory of what the line was like last year. Seriously. We have frequently ranted about this here on this log of the web (I say “we” but it really looks like RonTopofIt has done the lion’s share. I guess I am counting our countless IM conversations on the subject). Not only is the constant economic bad news getting on everyone’s nerves, but also it’s not hard to imagine that too much amateur news gathering like this could actually make the economy worse. It’s one thing to spin the unemployment rate or the foreclosure numbers. But this is one of those Real or The Onion? moments. Really, your main source for this story is a couple of dudes in line kinda sorta remembering there being more people last year?

KCRA at least implies, though, that it understands the real story here is that ticket prices at Raley Field are unchanged from last year and that it is still the best deal in town.

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5 thoughts on “KCRA, where the non-news comes first”

  1. According to a Grizzly Flats resident, “it’s the best bang for the buck, even in this economy.” …Given that noteworthy quote, I’d assume ticket sales would increase… Even the Rancho Cordova resident agrees, at least she thinks so – “It’s one of the cheapest things you can do for the most fun, I think”


  2. If ticket sales are down, shouldn’t they try lowering the prices like many other sporting events are doing?


  3. Cat5Stevens: But we have no idea whether ticket sales are down, based on the KCRA piece. All we know is that 2 people said they thought there were more people in line on the day they waited in line last year. It’s completely ridiculous the more you think about it.


  4. Area men say the beer at the tailgate party not as sweet this year, blame bad economy

    good catch


  5. I’ve lived in Sacramento for 8 years now and have watched about 10 minutes total of KCRA…mostly for reports of the “surfing squirrel” and “HOLY CRAP STUFF BURNED DOWN WE ALL GONNA DIE” variety. Thank you for reassuring me that I am totally not missing anything. (Other then Conan…)


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