Meet the Master: Peet’s Tea Master Visiting Sacramento

Peets_Bottled_Iced_Tea_LineupIf you’re a loyal reader of this here ‘Rag, you know that we love Peet’s, and not just the coffee.  We love the stores, the employees, the posters, the immaculately clean restrooms, the not so subtle Bette Davis eyes that the fat guy at the Lyon’s Village store keeps giving me every time I go in – hell, we even love Peet’s teas, which is why we were excited to hear that Peet’s is launching a bottled tea line for retail sale and test marketing it in our fair city.  To help celebrate the launch, Peet’s “Tea Master” Eliot Jordan will be holding court at several Sacramento area locations over the next week, sharing his views, opinions, and — I’m quite sure — secrets about tea farming, harvesting, brewing, recycling, composting, and scrap-booking.  Here’s a schedule of Peet’s locations where you can find him in the next few weeks:

Wednesday, June 24- 9 to 10:30, 2oth & J, 1 to 2:30, Fountains at Roseville

Wednesday, July 1- 9 to 10:30 Alhambra and Folsom, 1 to 2:30, Pleasant Hill in Roseville

Wednesday, July 8- 9 to 11am, 20th & J

4 thoughts on “Meet the Master: Peet’s Tea Master Visiting Sacramento”

  1. The Lyon Village location has a giant SUV-size hole in it. Could this mean a REMODEL is in the future? Stay tuned!


  2. There is an interesting notice inside the store explaining what happened (RE the giant SUV-size hole) and, in fact, a vehicle did drive through the window (drops jaw).

    The interesting part is about what the future has in store and if the hole will be repaired, remodeled, etc. I didn’t have my phone with me to take a picture of it, but will do so soon.


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