Arden Fair officials defend hoodie banning

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Fox 40 follows up on its report last week about the new Arden Mall dress code.

Arden Mall officials came out with surveillance video on Monday, that shows an alleged robber wearing a hood – the reason they’re banning hoods from being worn inside the mall, because they they said it has everything to do with protecting their customers.

Apparently they have a robber on camera but his identity is completely hidden because his face is covered. Which raises a question: is a camera feed the only means of security in use at the mall? Don’t they have a report of a robbery shortly after the robber has fled the store? Wouldn’t he be able to be described as “the guy running down the mall right now wearing a hoodie?” Are they Tivo’ing the security tapes and watching them on the weekend when there’s no good TV on?

Again, I do sympathize with law enforcement trying to stay ahead of the bad guys. I also sympathize with mall employees who must be afraid of this kind of thing happening. But that’s no excuse to go La Fours-crazy at Arden Fair.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

9 thoughts on “Arden Fair officials defend hoodie banning”

  1. can you ask them what percentage of robbers in the mall have worn hoodies? is it a majority or not?

    are all the people wearing hoodies in the mall robbers? most of them? what percentage?

    if you could get these answers it would be great to hear.


  2. Ah, RiverParkEric touches on an interesting aspect of this new rule. I would assume those type of headdress/coverings would be ok due to one’s civil rights and all which opens up a whole can of worms.


  3. I can see the entrance to the Golden One downtown from my desk at work. I’ve seen hoodies, hats, sunglasses, etc. in and out of there everyday. BUT, they installed a nonarmed rent-a-cop who gives everyone the evil eye upon entry (?) so they think they’re safe I guess.


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