Maloofs open to “all options” for Kings

Regarding what to do with the Kings, dumping them on Anaheim or Vegas is now an option. I can’t really see Anaheimians attending Kings games, but maybe an underwhelming last place basketball team that is currently showing it can waste even a rookie of the year is just what that area needs. It doesn’t sound like the Maloofs are as secure in Vegas as they once were, so if they move there it won’t be for the same reasons it would have been a few years ago. I also can’t see the NBA going for contraction but it would fit the storyline of the day and age we’re in.

It would probably take at least 2 years to move the franchise to Vegas. At this point the grieving process, once the other shoe drops, will only take about 2 days…

Author: CoolDMZ

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9 thoughts on “Maloofs open to “all options” for Kings”

  1. Sacramento city leaders said their happy for the company to come to the city. ” I do know them getting behind sacramento and our city is much appreciated,” said city councilwoman Angelique Ashby.

    Oddly enough wouldn’t “their” be the right word for Ashby’s quote instead of “them”?


  2. OK I joked about the grieving process, but I was feeling depressed just thinking about not having the Kings to kick around anymore. But now I gotta deal with PBP? That’s just too much.


  3. Also unless we think the Power Balance people are complete idiots, don’t you think they’ve maybe examined all the rumors, including Ziller’s report today? Or would they really pay naming rights to an arena that is only used for trade shows and high school basketball?


  4. Not to mention the discussions about the product itself being nothing more than a carnival souvenir.

    The company wrote: “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims.” It also agreed to give refunds to customers who believe they were cheated.

    The company sold $8,000 of merchandise in its first year and expected more than $35 million in sales in 2010.

    That’s it, DMZ, let’s shut this web log thing down and focus our efforts on a real sac rag. That’s right, I said it.


  5. “Doug Elmets, . . . estimated that based on today’s economy and the size of this market, a naming deal may be worth $1 million per year.
    . . . The current naming deal for Arco Arena is worth an estimated $700,000 per year.”

    So someone is giving away $300,000? That would be the City of Sacramento I assume?

    “According to the release, Power Balance also agreed to support MS&E, the Kings and the NBA to help with initiatives to improve health and wellness in the Sacramento community.”

    Gee- I didn’t know that the NBA was on the front lines of health and wellness in the Sacramento community.

    Who the F is this naming contract with? The City? In which case someone in the City really botched it. Not only did they get $300,000 less than the apparent going rate, but getting PB to support the NBA’s efforts is meaningless. Why not support SACRAMENTO’s own efforts? Unless the the naming contract is with the NBA.


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