Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma

So what’s up with Band Tesla threatening to cancel their appearance at the Kings rally because of Don Geronimo? and Where is Nick Toma from Good Day Sacramento?

Don said he was broadcasting his show live from the Kings rally at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento when local band Tesla, who was scheduled to perform at the rally, was on stage getting ready. Don, who’s known for his crude and often biting humor, saw the band from across the park and commented on air that Brian Wheat, Tesla’s bassist, who has long hair and was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, looked like Garth from Wayne’s World.

How crude…and biting.

And now Nick Toma goes missing and has two, count them two, Facebook pages created in his honor?

i asked this on their page and they deleted it. there is something going on. they said he was on vacation and then off and then he was just gone. with a generic post as to “he is no longer with the company and is pursuing other options” yada yada yada i have not watched their show since that day…

I say Don is behind this what with his new three-year deal at KHTK and job as program director and all, not to mention his addition to the Good Day Sacramento lineup.

Next thing you know, Don will be opening restaurants with Mark S. Allen.

Author: RonTopofIt

RonTopofIt is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. He wishes more people were like him and yet believes that it takes all kinds. You've met RonTopofIt many times, you just don't remember him.

38 thoughts on “Band Tesla ft. Nick Toma”

  1. Hey Brian Wheat “Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life son!”
    Grow a set!!

    BTW Tesla SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I’m disappointed that Nick Toma is not on Good Day Sacramento. It’s more than a little odd that someone who was on the show for such a long time just disappears without a word from anyone about it. I thought most people liked him. Isn’t there a quote about when you say nothing people assume the worst?


  3. I always liked Nick. He made GDS seem almost like a serious news program. Can’t say that Don does much. I watch it to find out what’s going on, what went on last night, and how’s the traffic and weather shaping up. Pretty basic. I really don’t care about Don Geronimo’s imaginary stardom.


  4. Ten years later and the mention of his name brings back memories of what had to be the worst blind date ever! Ick!


  5. tammi they removed the link and deleted it. I wished I could have read it. I think the bytch Marianne is behind the problem and Don had a part in it!! Get the feeling Tina and Julisa don’t care much for Marianne. Just my thought.


  6. I have always liked Nick Toma, and thought he fit in well with certain on-air personalities. Recently it seems as if the CBS/CW station in general is going down. They seem to be down a great reporter left and right. I think it is the weak management. Hell, Don G. needs to get his big ass of the show, because is his a complete idiot. He isn’t funny either. I hope whatever Nick does in the future brings him such job, and better dedication than GDS.


  7. CBS13/31 is getting worse by each day, let go well unique staff all the time, in addition, heavy ads on, even with my Intel QuadCore Can’t handle the stupid ads flying everywhere. here I come!


  8. Ok, so I heard from a reliable source that Nick Toma got tired of Mariannes crap and just walked out during a commericial with his mike wires dangling behind him. I was mad when Mark Mathis was fired because he added flavor to the show but they (Tina) didnt like him. But to let Nick get to the point where he could just walk out says alot about those uptight snobs. they deserve to be left with that BIG BORE Don Geronomo. I will NEVER watch again.


  9. Don G. is a crude egotist. After watching ch31 for 11yrs I can’t stand it with Don G. on the show and Nick gone so I watch ch 40 now. GDS sucks now.


  10. I also watch ch.40 now. I can’t stand when they all talk at the same time….it’s like they want center stage at all times.


  11. Nick was the best part of GD.That fat old man who isn’t even funny is annoying.He’s an analog fart in a digital world.Who would hire that DG,he’s wouldn’t even be funny in Amish country.His jokes are like a beta-max.He will beat and old joke to death(charlie sheen)Let’s have a look…….

    Tina M : Bitter,bored,jaded

    Marianne :A people pleaser,hot,professional,easy to watch and never gets annoying,solid as a rock

    Julisa : Annoying like Mary Hart,fake as a three dollar bill,phoney smile and laughs get old after about 30 sec,we can see right through you.

    Nick Toma( gone) : A class act,never pretentious,talented,a guy you would like to hang with.

    Lori W : aka”bunny” she fly’s under the radar…..good move IMO

    Mark S :A people pleaser,desperately trying to hold on to his youth,he is the show.He works so hard he deserves better but he seems loyal.

    Cody S. Safe,funny,witty

    Don G : Fat old man who thinks he’s funny,his cometary is like reading a week old newspaper,shock jock…..hardly.Best part of DG is the way he dresses,he’s got a face for radio.


  12. I love the group on Good Day! It was inappropriate that Nick Toma did not get a send off!! He was professional, classy & witty like the rest! Don G is a jerk! He doesn’t fit in and is best when quiet. I watch before 6 when he’s not on and turn it to ch 13 if he talks too much! Don G is a downer!!!


  13. Don G. is a real arogant jerk. Note his comment that, You all need to shut up about Nick Toma or you’ll be the next “Page not found”, end quote. I wonder what he has on management, or who he knows that got him the qig in the first place. Really bad taste from what little I have heard. Could not take any more. Another lost cause and egocentric waste of time is Jason M. and while we’re at it this new guy that showed up, Mathis I think, is a another waste of time. As with many others I’ve gone to Ch. 40 and 3. Too bad Stefanie Cruz is not on in the AM, I really like her. NICK TOMA WHERE ARE YOU????? DUMP DON G. AND BRING NICK BACK.


  14. I have been loyally watching the show for about 15 years. I’ve seen them come and go. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. That said, when Don G. started I became concerned about the shows direction in terms of talent choices ( I can’t stand the guy for the same reason others have stated in this blog). When Nick left, so did I. CBS, put that in your Nielson rating.


  15. Well was the firing of Nick worth it? Don is now off the show and back on radio in the morning. Nick was a true Jersey Boy and didn’t take the bull from management and the super high paid people (Don) getting a free ride. KHTK couldn’t afford his salary anymore so CBS needed to justify it by putting Don on GDS. KHTK lost Jim Kozimor and CW31 lost Nick Toma. Bad management. Good luck to KHTK with fatso in te morning. GDS is in flux who lnow what will happen. Nick NJ and us transplants to Norcal love ya.


  16. dang lotsa haters here. but i agree with most of y’all that Don G is not FUNNY. and yes Nick Toma may not be funny but he has personality that we all liked.

    never like Don G on the first place he’s all hype!

    so is Mark M still around????????


  17. I am amazed how “so called” friends forget or let $$ dictate who or what they will say. (what a bunch of gutless people) I know for a fact Nick held each and everyone of them in the “friend” category. He spoke to me of them with nothing but respect and always look forward to hanging out with the bunch of them at home bar-b-ques. He considered them his family not only his co-workers. What a way to turn your back on your family GoodDay Sacramento! He remembered so vividly when he met Marianne for the first time and spoke fondly of the first meeting at the restaurant. Shame on the bunch of the Good Day Sacramento Staff…you lost a true friend, family member. You are a bunch of fake, money grubbing, gold diggers.


  18. I feel sorry for Cody with all those cackling hens who do nothing but laugh at EVERYTHING, even things that are not funny. Please get rid of Julissa and her phony squinty annoying laugh. Without Nick, it’s not the same. And all the cackling hens is why I can no longer watch GDS.


  19. Is this what old people do on the internet? Talk about shitty news show conspiracies? lol Don’t you people have kids and/or gardens to tend to?


  20. I can’t believe nick is gone. The show same hasn’t been the same since his disappearance. But I sure am happy that goofy character.don geronimo is gone he sucked ass. I’m from turlock and I heard a big deal about him but turned out to be a nothing more than a wack joke. What a bunch of hype. As for gds I’m done watching those fake snobby box wine drinking preppy wannabes. Marryanne needs a reality check I believe and get that big cbs pole out her ass. That job has gone to her head.


  21. I do not know what happened to Nick and to this day I still wonder. I liked Toma very much but I also love Geronimo. I admit he is better on the radio, but he did not have much time to get his feet wet and learn being in front of a camera. He has been awesome since “The Don and Mike Show” and with more time I think he could have been great on TV also! Maybe KHTK radio should start a “Don and Nick Show”???


  22. Isn’t it sad that Don Geronimo feels the need to comment on blogs about himself? Wait for it, here comes some BS attack…


  23. Marriane Mcclary is clearly the reason Nick quit the show, she is like a puppet master on the show. I’ve noticed how quickly she cuts her coworkers off when they speak but yet when she speaks she can ramble on forever. She is ruining the show. They should have sticker with the day show that made them popular. Now their just trying to be like other morning shows. Let’s also talk about their new “talent” Laura Skirde, Amy Carabba what an ugly pair. Enough said. Ken Rudolph a complete jackass with his “manly minute”. The guy is a complete panzi. I bet he’s never picked up a shovel. The whole show is lame now. There slogan on Fee is don’t leave home til 10. Lol more like 9. By that time Julissa and the clucking crew just talk about themselves and have nothing of real importance to offer the viewers. This show has important news from the time it starts which is 4:30 and ends by5:00. The show needs to be scrapped for its nothing but garbage.


  24. Nick toma got fired! As much as i miss him he shouldnt of done what he did on live tv. Him and marianne are friends. And do u really think that is the REAL don g commenting on this page? Highly dojbtful.


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