Spring cleaning on the Garden Highway

In what has become my beat as of late, I’m here to report that my favorite makeshift homeless shelter has been evacuated once again. Since I ride past this spot almost every day, I keep track of when it is empty, picking up a few stragglers, and when there is no room at the inn. … Continue reading “Spring cleaning on the Garden Highway”

Sheep take over Garden Highway

I was riding along the Garden Highway this morning when I noticed some temporary style fencing along the river side. I quickly discovered why this fencing was installed (excuse the poor photo quality as my “smartphone” is anything but). I even noticed a dog herding the weed eaters. There were so many, too, it was … Continue reading “Sheep take over Garden Highway”

Makeshift homeless shelter cleared out…again

I noticed the makeshift homeless shelter I wrote about late last year under Interstate 5 and the Garden Highway has been cleared out again. The last noticeable evacuation was in May of 2011 when police lead the charge in the wake of a rape case at Discovery Park. Anyone know what prompted this particular relocation?

Homeless people take out the trash, too

I noticed that some homeless folks have set up shelter once again under Interstate 5 along the Garden Highway. Who knows how long they will get to stay this time, or what becomes of their belongings when they are eventually forced out. One thing I did notice, however, was two piles of trash at either … Continue reading “Homeless people take out the trash, too”

Police clean up makeshift homeless shelter

Earlier this week, I witnessed law enforcement removing folks who were living under Interstate 5 along the Garden Highway. Since I ride by this area every morning I have been tracking the growth of this tent city wondering how they are created and ultimately removed. They gathered quite a pile of belongings and trash which … Continue reading “Police clean up makeshift homeless shelter”

To tent, or not to tent

There is quite a comment thread going on over at sacbee.com about this article on the tent city situation in Seattle. It’s off-topic already, of course. A lot of Loaves and Fishes bashing. The tent cities around Seattle run on a system of self-governance, where residents elect leadership councils and vote weekly on matters such … Continue reading “To tent, or not to tent”

Pearl on the River Not Exactly a Gem

As a Sacramento resident, you can count on many things in the summer: at least one week of unbearable heat, a ridiculous amount of news reporting on that obvious heat, a budget impasse, and fairly weak riverside dining. When you travel to any of the riverside joints that promise great views, relaxed atmospheres, and top-notch food, … Continue reading “Pearl on the River Not Exactly a Gem”

Bright lights, big city: The neon of Sacramento

In the lower-left corner of the SacRag home page, you’ll often find local pictures from the Sacramento group on the image-sharing site Flickr. One of the most prolific contributors to the group is Tom Spaulding (tspauld), who follows his muse to document an urban element most never really notice: Vintage neon signs. I tripped across … Continue reading “Bright lights, big city: The neon of Sacramento”

Bridges (?) on the River

“Bridges on the River” certainly sounds nicer than “Overpasses on the River” – but if the sight of an old highway’s underbelly doesn’t fit into your idea of a delightful culinary experience, I suggest you pick your table strategically. If you’re headed to the bar (and my focus at sacrag is bar experiences, not full-blown … Continue reading “Bridges (?) on the River”