Where was I? Hella hard to find

This story about the UC Davis physics undergraduate trying get the word “hella” to be accepted as a unit of measure, distance, etc. is quite entertaining. The comments of course are choice. Is he the smartest dude ever? Or, is he totally stupid? Such a lame debate. Whatever. Oh, speaking of, did anyone ever use … Continue reading “Where was I? Hella hard to find”

Where was I? Least resistance

Here’s a shot taken in a busy Sacramento shopping center last week. You may have trouble getting into this area, but once you do you should be able to find our way out no problem. NOTE: If you would like to participate in the Where was I? fun, feel free to send me your photograph … Continue reading “Where was I? Least resistance”

Where was I? Rainbow

Due to the overwhelmingly lukewarm response to my new “Cap’n Obvious” category last week, I would like to add another one labeled “Where was I?” We will snap random photos about town and we’ll test your knowledge of the 916 by asking that you tell us where we took the photo. Some will be easier … Continue reading “Where was I? Rainbow”

Crepes: the New Sushi?

Heckasac and Postcards (kudos on the ballsy post title) are discussing the encroachment of a third Crepeville franchise on the grounds of Cafe Melange. Much great discussion at both blogs. (Especially that one commenter on Postcards who notes that what is really needed is a good Jewish deli. One of the only things I miss … Continue reading “Crepes: the New Sushi?”

Sugar Plum Vegan- No More Excuses

Being a vegan is a choice. An increasingly common choice. My buddy Bill? Vegan. Keith? Vegan. Law& Order SVU’s Christopher Meloni? Vegan. Nicholas Sparks? Nuttin’. (Which mean he eats nothing but nuts, and not peanuts because they are legumes!) What I’m trying to say is that no matter how silly veganism might seem to us real Americans, … Continue reading “Sugar Plum Vegan- No More Excuses”

Sacramento in “pageant mode”

Would Sacramento find the U.S. on a map? In this News10 story about California losing green businesses (nice effect with the scrolling list of businesses leaving California during the piece), we learn that “the number of companies moving out of the state is five times higher than the rate of companies that moved out of … Continue reading “Sacramento in “pageant mode””