The CHP will be accepting applications soon

It’s Friday, it’s ugly outside, it’s time to have some fun at the expense of others with a little installment of the ever-popular “Make us laugh” feature. The California Highway Patrol announced Thursday that it will accept applications in January for new CHP officers. This is the first time in three years that the CHP … Continue reading “The CHP will be accepting applications soon”

The keys for restaurants to succeed

Help me out, folks. I read this article on about downtown Sacramento Restaurants fighting to stay open, you know, because of the economy. Or is there another reason? Over the past couple of weeks, several downtown restaurants have shut their doors for different reasons. Table 260, Danielle’s Creperie and Fog Mountain Cafe recently closed….”The … Continue reading “The keys for restaurants to succeed”

Good work, if you can get it runs a story about how there will now be “Fewer police on Sacramento streets” because of, well you know, the economy. Data collected from the Bureau of Justice statistics shows: In 2007, the national average for city police to residents ratio was 2.3 officers for every 1,000 residents. By comparison, after this most recent … Continue reading “Good work, if you can get it”

Groundbreaking ideas from stimulus watchdog

Laura Chick, the state inspector general for stimulus spending, is busy solving problems that California is encountering with spending ARRA stimulus funds. Problem: A backlog of approvals at the Office of Historic Preservation, due to furloughs at that office, means ARRA funded projects are having trouble getting started. Her solution: No more furloughs for that … Continue reading “Groundbreaking ideas from stimulus watchdog”

More Restaurant Closings- Center Court and Cheffrey’s

Looks like C-Webb and his Center Court restaurant cum sports bar in Natomas have thrown in the towel. I’m sure a weak economy, crappy local sports teams, and C-Webb’s waning star power didn’t help the sinking franchise.  However, according to commenters (and we know how reliable they are) it really closed because too many … Continue reading “More Restaurant Closings- Center Court and Cheffrey’s”

Take that Columbus!

Who doesn’t love a list? What about a list pertaining to Sacramento? Not you? Great, because here’s one that should have you scratching your head (especially if you’ve been to some of the cities that took us down. Riverside?). Sacramento has the 32nd-largest economy in the nation, and the sixth-best in California, according to a … Continue reading “Take that Columbus!”

David Cook gives The Fair what it needs

Friday’s opening of the State Fair was capped with an appearance from American Idol David Cook. This was, without question, one of the funnest musical moments I have witnessed at The Fair in years. Why? RELEVANCE! Most bands that play The Fair are either blasts from the past or up and comers. Cook is NOW, … Continue reading “David Cook gives The Fair what it needs”