No hoodies for young men

photo credit: Life of Sport The movement to rid the world of hoodies took another step forward recently according to an article on regarding a proposed dress code for patrons of Regional Transit. “It can be intimidating sometimes when people are wearing hoodies,” Hammond said. “We need to create a friendlier atmosphere for everyone … Continue reading “No hoodies for young men”

Arden Fair officials defend hoodie banning

© Tribune Interactive, Inc Fox 40 follows up on its report last week about the new Arden Mall dress code. Arden Mall officials came out with surveillance video on Monday, that shows an alleged robber wearing a hood – the reason they’re banning hoods from being worn inside the mall, because they they said it … Continue reading “Arden Fair officials defend hoodie banning”

Crooks don’t rob people, hoodies do

photo credit: Robyn Gallagher Almost nothing is not funny about this Fox 40 story about Arden Fair Mall’s new dress code, which bans baggy pants and hooded sweatshirts. “That’s retarded,” one shopper told FOX40’s Rowena Shaddox. “I should be able to wear anything I want. I’m a person.” I’d only really quibble with part of … Continue reading “Crooks don’t rob people, hoodies do”

Some people became angry

From we learn that, in spite of these tough economic times, people still covet sneakers and are willing to wait in line for them. Crowds were in line waiting for the release of Air Jordan 11. The crowd that gathered for the $175 sneakers became so unruly, police were brought in and the mall … Continue reading “Some people became angry”