Will pump iron for cash

AP reported today that Governor Schwarzenegger will need to do some serious heavy lifting over the next year if he will stand a chance of re-election. While Phil Angelides and Steve Westly have $17 and $24 million (respectively) in their warchests, the Governor is in the red with a negative balance of more than $300,000. Over the next year, we can expect Arnold to spend more time passing the hat than passing ideas to the legislature, which might just be a good thing for California. I personally believe that the answer to his financial troubles lies in a little known script called “Junior, junior.” Pure gold!

SacBee’s kick ass greeting card

I received an odd e-mail from SacBee.Com wishing me happy holidays, blah blah blah. It even included this, ahem, crudely animated non-denominational holiday greeting card. Good job on that one, fellas. Most of all, I felt the warmth and good tidings from our SacBee friends glowing through the festive subject line of the e-mail:

Tookie Execution: Coverage, Photos, Audio — Today on sacbee.com

Nothing says holiday cheer like public executions! Perhaps they should have saved this one for Easter.


My German blood warms at the thought of Weisswurst, Oompah bands and an overflowing stein. Everyone is German during Oktoberfest, so come out and help drain the tanks!

Fair Oaks’toberfest is this Saturday from 1-5pm at Fair Oaks Park. More than 25 breweries will bring their Autumnal favorites for local charities, with celebrity tap handlers. Well, me.

I will also be attending Capitol Public Radio’s Oktoberfest at Pavilions Shopping Plaza on Sunday, October 2 from Noon-3pm. The Carntoa Schuhplattler will lead drunken revelers in German folk dancing.

Sacramento’s Turn Verein Soccer Club will hold their 36th annual Oktoberfest on October 7 & 8.


Broadway? Bound!

As if there weren’t already a million cops there, Sacramento PD has announced a crackdown on speeders on Broadway. Motorists are warned to be extra vigilant while passing the Jamba Juice as chemically fortified juice is the new doughnut, don’t cha know. War on Speed ’05 is expected to last until next week or until some hot strippers show up at the Radisson again.

True Love Never Dies…

…it just moves around the corner! Local rock mainstays Kevin and Allyson Seconds have announced that they have signed a lease and will be re-opening the True Love Coffeehouse at 2315 K Street. The True Love closed last year after establishing itself as THE place in Sacramento to see local bands. The new location will have a larger stage area and more room to enjoy the music. But what about the waffles, baby?

Heritage Festival Comes Downtown

The Sac Rag extends a hearty thumbs up to the Sacramento Heritage Festival for bring it all back home to Downtown last weekend. After puttering around the burbs, the SHF found itself perfectly at home at River Walk Park in West Sac in the shadow of the ziggurat. Pedestrians, cyclists and shuttle-goers left their cars and cares at home and boogied the weekend away. Congrats and let’s keep the same locale for years to come!

Little Winged Migration

You can’t help but notice the tiny orange and black butterflies zooming around town.

No, this is not normal.

This year, Sacramento is a way station in the largest ever migration of the Painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui). After a winter in Southern California, billions of butterflies are making their way to British Colombia for the summer. The migration only occurs once every decade or so, possibly in concurrence with El Niño years.

My theory, while not widely accepted by the scientific community, indicates the return of Motley Crue.