Fair Enough

So, the fair is pretty fair this year. I actually greatly enjoyed my day at the fair this week. They’ve revamped a number of items and restored a few that were missing from last year’s festivities. The animals were cute as always (why do they have to be so tasty?), and the mullets were out in force. One major disappointment though came from the bobsled ride. This is the ride where you go around in a circle crushing the person on the outside while ridiculously loud classic rock shatters your eardrums. Well, times are changing my friends. The basic ride hasn’t changed much, other than a paint job that now suggests a surfing theme rather than a bobsled theme, but the atmospere has completely been ruined. Rather than the Ratt and Scorpion and G&R that we were looking forward to, our musical selections were “Over My Head” by The Fray and “Stars are Blind” by Paris Hilton. Let’s just say that sound of Paris Hilton’s highly modified voice at 150 db is not my idea of “Big Fun.” But that’s not what you want to know; you want to know where to get the best lard infused, grease forward, atery hardening goodies that you’ve been waiting all year for. Well, here you go:
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Where’s the Big Fun?

I haven’t been to The State Fair yet, but I think my two girls will go crazy for the livestock stuff so I think we’re going to make it this year, eventually. I have to ask, however: is it just me or does attendance seem way down? Where is the traffic snarl backing up from Expo to the WX? Over the weekend I was able to drive in to the Arden Fair parking lot and grab a sweet spot outside Nordys and get out with no delay. Last night we drove past the fairgrounds at 6:30, prime fair dining time, and the lot seemed about half full.

I know my evidence is entirely anecdotal, but those are 3 major indicators that the Fair is in town and they are non-factors thus far. What gives? Discuss.

Mather Airport Hosts Airshow

Mather Airport is hosting the 2006 California Capital Airshow, featuring the Blue Angels this weekend.

Here are some tips from SacAirports.org:

  • Buy tickets online or from any Heritage Community Credit Union branch.
  • Avoid parking hassles and traffic! Ride Regional Transit (RT) to the California Capital Airshow Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19. Route 75 will depart from the Mather/Mills Station every 15 minutes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.each day of the show. Complimentary RT daily passes will be available to riders after boarding Route 75
  • Admission tickets for the California Capital Air Show are $10 for advance purchase or $15 at the door. Children 12 and under are free. Gates open at 10 a.m. and the show ends at 4 p.m.

Update: The Web site is back up. You can purchase tickets in advance at all Heritage Community Credit Unions & at the Sacramento International, Mather, & Executive airports.

Nothing to do in Sac? Pffft

People always tell me there’s nothing to do in Sacramento. Ha! I say. I seem to keep myself busy so what’s your problem? Well it looks like some folks out there seem to agree with my friends. So I thought I’d help ya’ll out again this weekend. It looks like rain for most of the weekend so you’ll have to stay in if you want to stay dry. What’s always been my favorite activity for rainy days? Coloring! Yup, I’m a dood and I like to color. Say what you will. Here’s a bunch of coloring books online ready to be filled with your imagination. And for those of you who haven’t gotten enough of the Chroni-(what?!)-cles of Narnia here’s one for you.

If you actually want to leave the house on Saturday the zoo is having a Bloomin’ Crazy Plant Fest. This is the first year it’s happening so I don’t know what to expect but those botanists are a crazy bunch so it should be a rip-roaring good time.

And what better a way to finish off God’s day then SUPREME PRO WRESTLING!!! Speaking of rasslin… This guy has a ton of info on Nor Cal wrestling in case your bored this friday afternoon. Actually if you’re a chick you could always drive out to Roller King (889 Riverside Ave.) to practice with the newly forming River City Roller Girls. Ahh nothing ends a nice full weekend like busted noses and blood on your roller skates.

OK, so if that isn’t something to do I don’t know what is.

I already hear bones breaking

In case you don’t have some outing already planned for tomorrow you can always head over to the Convention Center for some pro domino action. Among others the top ten bones players are scheduled to throw them down. I wonder how the pros wash the dishes. If you have $300 to waste you can probably even sign up and play. Actually, if you just give me 300 big ones, me and my buddies will come to your house and beat you down at a game of muggins.

For all you retro kids out there you can always check out the 8th annual GI JOE show at St. Mary’s. Maybe I can finally get rid of my Terrordrome. Hey, if you get there early you might make the UPN.

Hi, I’m new here BTW.

Remember Museum Day

Don’t forget, Saturday is Museum Day, when most of the museums in town are offering free admission. Between 10 and 4, enjoy Old Masters at the Crocker, pound some hide at Sutter’s Fort, don your engineer’s hat at the Railroad Museum, ride the banister at the Old Governor’s Mansion, see old cars at the Towe Ford, or sniff old pill bottles at the Donald F. Salvatori Pharmacy Museum. That name strikes me as odd, but I can’t quite put my finger on why…

Holiday Touring

For those of you long time Sacramento (down/mid town, east sac-ish) residents you’re sure to know Christmas is right around the corner when Sacred Heart Parish School holds its “most ambitious fundraiser of the year.” That’s right, going on today through Sunday is the 2005 Holiday Home Tour:

Join us for the 32nd year of our self-guided tour of six magnificent homes decorated for the holidays by top interior designers and florists. View the wonderful architecture and experience the creative design ideas of some of the region’s most talented designers.

Remember, ticket organizers are predicting another sellout so get your tickets now! Oh, and “children over the age of 1 must have their own ticket“, it’s a fundraiser for goodness sake! And another thing, leave those Doc Marten’s at home, too…

To protect the homes’ floors and carpets, we respectfully ask tourgoers to remove their shoes or wear booties provided at the door. Tour organizers strongly advise tourgoers to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

And lastly, I’m sure those Jesuit Marauders CoolDMZ wrote about earlier will just be getting back from their “experiment” when you arrive in time to greet you at the door!