Spilling Over With Excitement

YEAH! I’m thrilled to be a new member of the Sac-rag family. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute my cock-eyed slant to the local eats scene, informing, entertaining and whetting the appetites of the public. Be forewarned though, if your restaurant offers gift cards, has a predominantly English speaking workforce or is owned by Randy Paragary you probably already get your knob slobbered enough by Sacramento magazine and its bastard children. We’re on the lookout for the overlooked, downtrodden and truly delicious. Color me excited.

Sample this

Came across this article (RR) in the Bee today. This is something we used to do in college regularly when our Top Ramen supplies ran out.

    “The friendly allure of the demo dollies is made more attractive by the free nourishment they give in such quantities; company policy is to let shoppers have as much as they want.”

There you go all you Hornets and Aggies out there, don’t ever say your friends at the Rag never did anything for you!

West Coast Brew Fest

At the west end of Broadway, there is a colony of feral cats and skunks that harmoniously co-exist. The cats don’t mind the stink, the skunks don’t mind the cat politics. All is well.

This Saturday, if you hang a left at the cat/skunk colony, you will see a similar example of peaceful coexistence. People of all races, creeds and tattoo colors will congregate and ignore the things about each other that makes them want to “la la”. They will be enjoying the universal lubricant.

Free Beer.

Free, that is, with a $25 donation to local charities. But who can’t blow $25 in an hour or two at the local watering hole? I sure can.

The West Coast Brew Festival will be at Miller Park on May 14 from 1-5pm. Advance tickets for $20 at local breweries.

See www.matsonian.com/wcbf for more info.

La Fiesta Keeps it Simple

We at the Sac Rag do not claim to be much. We are connoisseurs of nothing. We like what we like and even that is subject to change without notice. But, there is one thing we do know, we love us some Mexican food. And if you find yourself in the Midtown area around lunch time, do yourself a favor and make a stop at La Fiesta Taqueria (1105 Alhambra Boulevard, across from BofA.) The menu speaks for itself. More meat choices than its competitors, a great salsa bar, and fast service. What more could you ask for? Be sure to get there before or after the lunch rush as this place can get busy.

New Willie’s Burger a Zinger?

I know the restaurant is not new, but this Website is, so it’s my first chance to comment on the new Willie’s at Arden and Fair Oaks.

The pseudo-industrial design in the place is fine, it’s a great experience (despite the lack of a real ATM machine, argh, worse than Rick’s because you can wait for dessert), blah blah blah, but what I love is the new charbroiled menu. This submenu introduces a new burger called the Cheesy Bad Boy. It is a scrumptious burger no doubt, but what is more interesting about it is that Cheesy Bad Boy is a very appropriately titled menu item at an establishment frequented by Jesuit boys.

NOTE: I am a Jesuit boy myself (class of ’94), but if the Jesuits taught me nothing else it was to not take myself too seriously. Actually, that’s the exact opposite of almost every educational goal of the Jesuits.