Boon Boon: Your Asian Fusion Connection

spicy noodles, posted by Yelper Linda C I always felt bad that I had teased the folks at Boon Boon, especially after a commenter pointed out that the restaurant is named after the owner’s mother. The fact that several commenters on that post remarked on discussions with the staff at Boon Boon is very telling … Continue reading “Boon Boon: Your Asian Fusion Connection”

“Boon Boon,” coming soon soon

The thread about lack of good restaurants in Tahoe Park and our ongoing meme of “dead zones” — not to be confused with dead-to-me zones–reminded me of the dead zone that is the seeming former art deco theater building on Stockton and Broadway behind Subway, which just in the last few years has been home … Continue reading ““Boon Boon,” coming soon soon”

More new cheap eats in Tahoe Park: M’s Teriyaki

I’m fine with the fact that Tahoe Park will never have a four star restaurant in its boundaries, or even really a restaurant where you don’t eat with paper forks. However what we do have is good cheap eats. From Tallac Village Donuts to Boon Boon Cafe, the Stockton/Broadway/14th Ave area has its fair share. … Continue reading “More new cheap eats in Tahoe Park: M’s Teriyaki”

East Broadway Rundown

Other than being the title of one of the best and most overlooked Sonny Rollins albums (I know you don’t care about jazz, just humor me), the title above refers to the fact that we’re going to race through your myriad dining options on Sacramento’s Broadway with a no-holds-barred, no-stone-left-unturned, no-child-left-behind attitude.  Are you ready? … Continue reading “East Broadway Rundown”

Our picks for 2008 News & Review Readers’ Choice

As promised, our collective picks for some of the categories in this year’s Readers Choice awards. Make sure to vote online today or tomorrow. I had the date wrong last week, voting ends tomorrow. In addition to the below, we would appreciate your votes for Best blog, Best blogger (pick your favorite), and Best Sacramento … Continue reading “Our picks for 2008 News & Review Readers’ Choice”

First Step Reached in Pulling Down “World’s Nicest Projects”

If you’ve driven by the corner of Broadway and Muir (9th) anytime in your life and wondered what exactly the grouping of building was you were looking at, you know the ones, the one and two story brick jobs laid out in a wide open pattern, like some kind of Massachusetts militia base from the … Continue reading “First Step Reached in Pulling Down “World’s Nicest Projects””

Any distinguishing scars or tattoos?

News 10 reports that a man and woman were arrested for allegedly stealing a car and in connection to a no-bail warrant Saturday. Officers then entered the house and arrested Boone after finding him hiding in one of the bedrooms. Boone was later arrested for the outstanding no-bail warrant along with Rounseville for possession of … Continue reading “Any distinguishing scars or tattoos?”