Holiday-themed employee meal: Sam’s Hof Brau

cc, by flickr user Willscrlt My work colleagues and I had our annual holiday outing on Friday afternoon (we’re past the point where I have to make cutesy jokes about how I work at “Sac Rag World Headquarters,” right?). A few weeks ago I had been able to exert my considerable influence over the group … Continue reading “Holiday-themed employee meal: Sam’s Hof Brau”

Plaza Hof Brau: You Had Me at Hof

I’ve been threatening to write about the Hof Brau for months now, ever since the Mrs. and I moved into the DPM (Del Paso Manor) in fact.  So let’s just get this out in the open to start the conversation:  I love the Hof Brau, totally, completely, unconditionally.  There is not one thing I would … Continue reading “Plaza Hof Brau: You Had Me at Hof”

Went big at Sam’s

One of the thrills of blogging is extending the bounties of a life-changing discovery to countless readers. It’s that thrill that I resume with my describing Sam’s Hof Brau and my adventures there. Sam’s Hof Brau is a “time out” from the judging eyes of society’s nutritionists and vegans. It’s a place that people visit for only one … Continue reading “Went big at Sam’s”

Two Milestones in One Weekend, Both Meat-Related

Sacramento will see not one but two milestones achieved this weekend. Jim Denny’s 75th Anniversary- Saturday May 16- 816 12th Street, Sacramento Festivities start from 8 to 10 am there will a recession-proof $3.00 buffet style breakfast with a pancake eating contest at 11 am. At noon, there will be another hard-times priced $3.00 buffet … Continue reading “Two Milestones in One Weekend, Both Meat-Related”

The Favorites List: Proceed at Your Own Risk

In writing about restaurants, one tends to put himself in the work. It’s inevitable, really. Food, restaurants, people, likes, dislikes, cannot be written about with the cold, impartial pen that so many professional journalists carry. There are certain things I like, certain things I love, others I can’t stand, and some I simply tolerate. This … Continue reading “The Favorites List: Proceed at Your Own Risk”

Let’s talk about Franke’s

Gonul’s, once the site of Franke’s The discussion going on about Plaza Hof Brau and Sam’s just gave me a blast from the past that I keep meaning to insert into our local blogging fun: Franke’s Pharmacy. I’m sure FauxPaws will have fond memories, and I’d like to hear from others. (The web was not … Continue reading “Let’s talk about Franke’s”