Free beverage offer at Peet’s

From their Facebook page, Enjoy a FREE beverage when you buy one for a friend. To celebrate the New Year come in to Peet’s for any hand-crafted beverage of your choice and receive a second beverage free. View coupon for details. (If you don’t want to print the coupon, you can show it to your … Continue reading “Free beverage offer at Peet’s”

Peet’s coupon gets technical

I came across this “buy one, get one free” coupon for Peet’s coffee today and was impressed with this redemption note: You can print this coupon or show it on your mobile device in the store. I won’t have a chance today, but please let me know if anyone is successful showing their mobile device … Continue reading “Peet’s coupon gets technical”

Meet the Master: Peet’s Tea Master Visiting Sacramento

If you’re a loyal reader of this here ‘Rag, you know that we love Peet’s, and not just the coffee.  We love the stores, the employees, the posters, the immaculately clean restrooms, the not so subtle Bette Davis eyes that the fat guy at the Lyon’s Village store keeps giving me every time I go in – hell, we … Continue reading “Meet the Master: Peet’s Tea Master Visiting Sacramento”

Not all Peet’s Created Equal

We love our Peet’s coffee around these parts, that’s for sure. But even we, at The Sac Rag, may have to admit that the greatest coffee purveyor in America has reached its saturation point.  Point in evidence: the newish Peet’s establishment on Howe Avenue between Hurley and Arden now brews its coffee “to order.” What … Continue reading “Not all Peet’s Created Equal”

Peet’s is hiring

You may have noticed that there is a new Peet’s Coffee & Tea going in at 37th and J Street. We “Peetniks” couldn’t be more thrilled with this news. For those of you looking for some additional cash this holiday season, they are currently hiring. While we missed the job fairs dates, you may still … Continue reading “Peet’s is hiring”

The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing

Newsflash:  The Lyon’s Village Peet’s coffee will soon be closing for a major remodel.  Dates and times have not yet been fixed but you can already hear the Country Day moms shrieking with fear.  I join you, CD moms.  What will I do for the weeks that Peet’s will be closed?  Oh wait, I work … Continue reading “The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing”

FREE COFFEE Tomorrow (December 24)!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Alhambra & Folsom Blvd. (located at 3100 Folsom) will be giving away FREE COFFEE tomorrow, December 24 all day from 5:00am to 4:00pm. To further invoke the holiday spirit, staff will be donating all their tips to Women’s Empowerment, a nonprofit that helps homeless women and children. Grab a free … Continue reading “FREE COFFEE Tomorrow (December 24)!”