C Webb working to save Kings?

This one isn’t a joke. I didn’t see this conversation on the TV, so thanks to Voisin for transcribing it. I still say the relocation isn’t a done deal, though I’m not sure what C Webb would be doing. And it is nice to hear kind words about Kings fans for once, though. Though JoeSacramentoDotCom’s … Continue reading “C Webb working to save Kings?”

Local Food Blogger Earns Two Top Award Nominations

There’s only one way to describe local food blogger Hank Shaw today: on fire! The writer was nominated this morning for the prestigious James Beard Award for his down-to-earth food blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. Earlier, his blog was also nominated by the International Association of Culinary Professionals for a Bert Greene Award. He finds out in … Continue reading “Local Food Blogger Earns Two Top Award Nominations”

Where’s the Dope?

From the Sacramento Bee’s Crime Blog we learn that a CHP pilot spots marijuana garden in Folsom. Authorities seized 96 marijuana plants worth more than $76,000 after a California Highway Patrol helicopter pilot spotted them growing along a popular bicycle and walking trail in Folsom. In a Thursday news release, Folsom police said the plants … Continue reading “Where’s the Dope?”

Perez Hilton, here I come

Item! Yesterday afternoon I spotted CBS13’s Steve Large and CW31’s Julissa Ortiz shopping for groceries together at an East Sacramento grocery store. Can picking out avocados be called ‘canoodling’? It’s the scoop of the century…not. Oh well, the search for actual gossip continues. As a side note, I can see now that being a paparazzo … Continue reading “Perez Hilton, here I come”

KCRA, where the non-news comes first

KCRA reported over the weekend that the economic downturn has hurt River Cats ticket sales. “It’s considerably decreased” says Chad Collins, Director of Ticket Sales. “I hope this isn’t an indication of what the rest of the season is going to be,” says Group Events Executive Marie Maita. Think again. Those quotes are in the … Continue reading “KCRA, where the non-news comes first”

Sac not one of bloggiest cities?

In fact, we didn’t even make the website… via Boing Boing, here is outside.in, another placeblog site. Their list of “bloggiest neighborhoods” includes one norcal hood, Potrero Hill in SF, and highlights the Potrero Hill SF blog. I’m a total homer, but I think Sacramento is very very bloggy. Don’t you think? I don’t know … Continue reading “Sac not one of bloggiest cities?”

Placeblogger, putting the L in URL

Introducing Placeblogger, the hottest new thing in blogs dedicated to specific cities. FauxPaws pointed this out to me a few months ago but now it has launched, complete with major financial backing. Placeblogs are sometimes called “hyperlocal sites” because some of them focus on news events and items that cover a particular neighborhood in great … Continue reading “Placeblogger, putting the L in URL”

If you grew up here, you’ll know

I was bummed today to read this article about the land that used to house the Oakwood Lake Resort in Manteca (aka Manteca Waterslides).  As mentioned on this here web log several times over the years, it’s somehow more painful to know the details of its future. I know many of us spent our summer … Continue reading “If you grew up here, you’ll know”