Beach Hut Deli- True Love For Perky Meat Slingers

The Beach Hut Deli franchise is spreading its tendrils throughout the region. Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Is this the next Starbucks? Should a ham sandwich ever, ever have barbecue sauce on it? Here are just some thoughts on the Beach Hut Deli experience in no particular order: -Fine selection of beers, many … Continue reading “Beach Hut Deli- True Love For Perky Meat Slingers”

Run for the Foothills, It’s Country French Cuisine

(NOTE:  The Eats clan will be moving from our current digs in a few months to a new family abode off the greater Eastern & El Camino corridor.  So, gone are the days of long, detail filled ramblings about all the eateries in the Fair Oaks Blvd sphere of influence.  You can now look forward to long, intricate … Continue reading “Run for the Foothills, It’s Country French Cuisine”