Shady Practices at Paragary’s

Cafe Bernardo.
from Sacramento Lifestyle

KCRA brings us the news of a Federal harassment/discrimination suit against the Paragary’s restaurant group, which serves up the hippest chow in town at such joints as Spataro, KBar, Cafe Bernardo (where the lawsuit originated), and of course Paragary’s.

In a court document, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges the Paragary Management Group with sexual harassment, saying Leticia Fernandez complained to supervisors but was ignored.

… three other Mexican women who worked at Paragary restaurants are also involved in the legal battle. The women claim that because of their race, they were not given the breaks that whites or Asians were given while at work.

Maybe Heckasac’s spaghettini was tainted with the disgusting spice of bigotry?

No word on allegations that Paragary management staff engaged in other bigoted activities, such as

  • patting a “small person” on the head
  • acting rough with a baby cow
  • refusing to seat space aliens
  • judging a book by its cover
  • making a joke about lungers

Crepes: the New Sushi?

Heckasac and Postcards (kudos on the ballsy post title) are discussing the encroachment of a third Crepeville franchise on the grounds of Cafe Melange. Much great discussion at both blogs. (Especially that one commenter on Postcards who notes that what is really needed is a good Jewish deli. One of the only things I miss regularly about not living in Los Angeles anymore is the abundance of deli goodness.)

Before we started The Sac Rag I commented elsewhere on the net when I noticed that two fine foreign food establishments–Shandiz (Persian) and Royal Hong King Lum (Chinese)–went sushi right at the same time. And speaking of deli’s, Max’s at Market Square is of course now a sushi place. At the time I was convinced that sushi was to Sacramento’s eaters what the Kings are to Sacramento’s “people who only pretend to care about basketball.” Not sure what that means but plenty of you out there can figure it out.

Not to mention: I’ve only eaten at the Davis Crepeville but doesn’t Crepeville use crappy cheddar cheese in its crepes? For shame.

Th’ Losing Streaks need our help

Via BeatNonStop, a blog by SacBee music guy Chris Macias (big ups to whom, by the way, are due for daring to pose for that picture), although really I heard this first from Heckasac (see, that’s called a “hyperlink,” you use it to alert Web site readers that you’re including a reference to another site on the Internet) Th’ Losin’ Streaks and formerly The Troublemakers lead singer Tim Foster had a burglary at his Oak Park pad and got a bunch of stuff stolen. Not a group to take tragedy lying down in a puddle of Red Stripe and bong water, the local Sacto music scene is staging a benefit concert!

Because if there’s one event out there right now that has victimized innocent peoples’ property, and put them at the mercy of our generosity, it’s the theft of vintage guitars from a Sacramento musician!