Bonzi Is A Fun Name To Say

The Kings got Bonzi Wells in a three-way deal. Bobby Jackson and Greg Ostertag are leaving Sacramento in the deal.

I’m sad yet relieved to see Bobby go. He couldn’t stay healthy the past few years – if he had, we might have a ring (we? Ha!). Tag? Good riddance.

I’m excited for BONZI though, mostly because Bonzi is a really fun name to say. Also, he’s a beast. We need more beasts.

And pot dealers – get ready! Business is about to go up!

Stars in Sacramento? Don’t bet on it.

George Maloof, owner of the Sacramento Kings, has suggested that the 2007 NBA All Star Game be held in his city. The city is totally digging the idea and is all up for it. League officials are quite interested in it too.

Unfortunately, Maloof’s talking about Vegas, where his family owns The Palms Casino Hotel. Sorry folks, but you didn’t seriously think he would offer up Sactown, did you?

Sacramento, I Choose You!

The NBA’s free agency period is upon us. So what’s that mean for you, the Kings fan who hopes to see a winning team next year?

It means you need to shape up your yard. We don’t want to see any weeds and Geo Metros or anything among the Gloriosa lillies and crape myrtle – we’ve got a city to sell!

If you want Kwame Brown or Udonis Haslem or even (gasp!) Samuel Dalembert to be pulling down boards for your Sacramento Kings next season, you’d better put a smile on your face and greet those nice young men when they come into town to check out the practice facility. Free drinks, free merchandise and free coconut shrimp are all we ask of you, Sacramento merchants.

And if you work at Centerfolds or Risky Business and you see a tall athletic African-American fellow sitting with a guy with a mullet, be a team player and give him some special attention. The black guy, that is. Not Petrie.

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Thanks, Geoff Petrie. Now we’re even more confused.

You’ve heard by now that the Kings picked Louisville two-guard Francisco Garcia in Tuesday’s draft.

There were a lot of questions surrounding the Kings before, and even more now. One thing everyone has been harping on is what this means for last year’s pick, Kevin Martin, who is considered a very similar player to Garcia.

I’m more concerned with what this means for Maurice Evans, our restricted free agent. It’s nearly consensus that Mo would be great to have off the bench the next few years, and possibly as our starting two-guard at some point. But he’s not ready to start regularly this year, and neither are Martin or Garcia. And Cuttino Mobley is thisclose to officially being a free agent – one we’d have trouble affording.

So, who’s our starting shooting guard this year? We’re not getting Ray Allen or Larry Hughes or Michael Redd. Are we going to (gulp) start Bibby and Bobby? It’d be thoroughly entertaining, but we’d give up 140 points every time we played against decent guards (hello Kobe, Baron, Nash, Ray Allen and Tracy McGrady! Good to see you each four times a year!)

I think either a trade will bring us our starting shooting guard or we have a strong sense that Doug Christie will sign here cheap once/if Orlando releases him. I’m all for trades, because at this point, I’m barely eager to watch the assembled team. And Doug would be a nice fill-in and a defensive mentor for Mo (who we really should re-sign) and Francisco. Kevin, I’m afraid if I ran the team, I’d be saying it was nice knowing you.

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