Sacto’s online scene: Sleazy with a Capitol S

Did you get my punny entry title? Anyway, one of the reasons RonTopofIt and I started this blog was our perception that there was an overall dearth of local Websites that were not of the “pictures of hootchies at the Distillery” variety. Ugh. The non-aptly named Sacramento’s Top 25 list of Websites is full of this kind of PG-13/TV-MA rated crap. What is up with that, Sacramento? we asked ourselves. Why does it seem like it’s either or Family fun in the hot hot sun or the sleazy Sacto singles scene? Right in the middle is where we wanted to position ourselves.

As we look into it further we’re finding plenty of decent blogs out there covering local stuff. Start with Postcards from Sacramento and work your way around this interconnected network of computers we call the Information Superhighway. And stay away from the benign-sounding site “916 Online.” Nothing that will get you fired from work, but nothing that will make you happy you live in this fair city, either.

Your Gas is My Gain

A recent telephone call to my house…


“Hello sir. We’re conducting a telephone survey and would appreciate a few minutes of your time. In order to show our thanks for helping us, we will award you with a free $25 gas coupon on completion of the survey.”

“Oh, wow. Sure.”

“Thank you, sir. First of all, which financial institutions do you bank with: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual…”

“I bank with several of them.”

“Which ones?”

“The second one.”

“Do you have a credit card with this bank?”

“Who are you doing this survey for?”


Beware of this telephone scam where someone dangles a carrot to get your personal banking information. Inform all members of your family too, and if you’ve given any info, contact your bank.