All About Walken

The Cast of All About Walken
The Cast of All About Walken
The longest running comedy show in LA is coming to Sacramento for only one night. All About Walken, which plays at the Guild Theater this Saturday, features seven Christopher Walken impersonators, including St. Francis alumnus Amy Kelly. The show is not traditional theater, but an interactive experience that tells the life story of Walken through audience participation, crazy hair, music, improvisation, multimedia and, of course, dancing. Tickets are $20 at, call (888) 227-2285 for info.

All About Walken: Conceived and directed by Patrick O’Sullivan. Starring O’Sullivan, Kelly, Kyle Cadman, Kenzo Lee, Dionysio Basco, Joe Dallo, & Aryiel Hartman.

Midtown Cocktail Week

While I am a beer, wine, tequila and whiskey guy, I appreciate a good cocktail. Artistry and superior ingredients separate the men from the boys, or in this case, the well from the top shelf. Next week, Sacramento celebrates our top shelf cocktail makers and shakers with the second annual Midtown Cocktail Week.

Imbibers have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Sacramento’s favorite mixologists. My personal favorite is Chris Tucker at the L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen, who has a seasonal cocktail menu with an eye for subtle flavor blending. Anyone can pour booze over ice and get you fucked up. The key to quality drinks are the other ingredients, which Chris carefully sources from organic, sustainable and local vendors. I also hold Ella in high regard, but their small bar and high prices discourage my casual boozing.

All events are free and open to the over-21 public, except for a private seminar with industry veteran Jon Santer. For $25, burgeoning boozologists can learn from a pro and take home some cool tools to aid you in home cocktail crafting. Seats are limited, so reserve your spot now!

Note: Jon Santer had to pull out of this event, so the seminar will be led by Erick Castro, who manages the totally awesome Bourbon & Branch in SF.

The Mentalist comes to Sacramento

the-mentalist-bigWhen I heard that the hit CBS show The Mentalist was coming to Sacramento, I immediately had high hopes for the things that he could accomplish. I imagined him strolling to the Capitol, using his mind tricks to convince our Legislators to compromise instead of sticking to hard line political goals. I saw him hypnotizing the Governor into donating $1000 to the general fund every time he blamed someone else for our budgetary failures rather than using his bully pulpit to encourage California to spend money wisely. I envisioned him using his powers of divination to foresee a Sacramento with sound levees, a bustling K street and a decent taproom downtown. I heard him calling to me in a soft, ethereal voice, “Stickie, I want to cast you in a minor supporting role in my hit television series.”

Which one is the most likely? Unfortunately, it is the last one on that list, as producers of The Mentalist are looking to cast more than 100 Sacramentans for an upcoming shoot. If you would like your shot to appear on a hit show, read on!
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Swine Flu in Sacramento County

{NOTE – This story contains out-of-date info about the number of cases in our area. For updated Sacramento-specific information, see the County’s DPH website.}

The first case of Swine Flu has been confirmed in the Sacramento area, so get ready for the en-sooey-ing panic.


To avoid unnecessary panic and worry, it is important to understand the facts behind the 2009 Swine bug. The strain(s) of the virus that have been popping up in the United States appears to be a milder version of the more lethal strains that have been found in other countries. Only one patient has required hospitalization, an elderly woman. Everyone else has gotten a nasty flu and recovered. This is the only the 8th case in California and the 40th in the US, so the chances of getting it appear to be quite slim. (Update: 3 positive cases in Fair Oaks, making a total of 10 CA cases as of 4/28)

This is not a deadly superbug. Let’s hope it stays that way.

It is also not spread by eating pigs. Please maintain your normal bacon consumption level.

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Happy Earth Day, Sacramento

Earth Day is a birthday. On April 22, 1970, twenty million Americans joined together to promote a healthy, sustainable environment and gave birth to the modern environmental movement. Today, we celebrate activism, community development, and altruism. We celebrate a growing empowerment among people who believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes a healthy environment and that habitat preservation includes every one of us. tree-hugger1

At age 39, environmentalism is gaining general acceptance. We drive hybrid cars and leave carbon footprints. As more people learn of the universal importance of healthy living, they see beyond the “environmentalism” stereotype of hemp granola munching hippies versus the corporate suits. Today, the suits are eating hemp granola to control their cholesterol and the hippies run companies driven by sustainability, green energy and corporate responsibility. Groundbreaking laws, such as the California’s Global Warming Solutions Act and Senator Steinberg’s Sustainable Communities Strategy may steer a 21st Century California toward a healthier future in a cost-effective manner. On the federal level, the new administration is working to reverse eight years of practices that were disastrous to clean environments and healthy habitat.

Come celebrate with your community. Sacramento Earth Day 2009 will be at Southside Park this Sunday from 11-6. Walk, bike or take public transit. More than 100 vendors and booths will educate you on amazing new technologies and ways you can save money and make your life greener. Delicious, healthy food will be widely available with music, entertainment and fun all day, including classic rock jam band Deadlocke and reggae grooves from Zion Roots.

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What’s your perfect weekend?

I was enjoying the recently when I came across this article on “How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Sacramento” and it got me thinking. What is your perfect weekend in Sacramento? This article does a good job of hitting the mainstream spots. But, what is it missing? I know we like to provide information on specific events here at the Sac Rag, but I’m looking for some every week type things to do that I may not find on the Chamber of Commerce site.

Any suggestions?

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks Tonight!

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks will be performing tonight at Harlow’s. Malkmus was the primary songwriter for Sac-Joaquin Valley 90’s legends Pavement, and has fronted the Portland-based Jicks since 2000. The band will be supporting their new release Real Emotional Trash, his 4th album post-Pavement, and is the first major tour for the act in several years as Malkmus is a recent parent.

Attendees can expect hipsters enjoying butt-bouncingly infectious tunes accompanied by witty lyrical poetry and blistering psychedelic guitar solos. Don’t miss out on a great band that happens to include two indie-rock luminaries, SM and former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss.