Halloween wrap-up

We enjoyed some high-returns trick-or-treating last night in Tahoe Park (specifically the region between 11th and Raymond Aves and 58th-60th streets. It was positively hoppin, a great vibe.) Witches seemed to be very popular. As usual, the most popular costume had to be “punky high schooler walking around with a pillowcase full of candy” (and I know that’s not limited to TP…)

When we got home and reviewed the photos we realized that I wore the same outfit as last year, which is funny considering it’s a night specifically about dressing up, even though as I previously stated I do not participate. Read on for the photo comparison…

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What’s to become of Capitol Boxing Gym?

Updated at 10:35 on 10/19…
If you’ve ever driven on Stockton Blvd around Tahoe Park, you’ve probably seen Capitol Boxing Gym. It was remarkable for its colorful cartoon murals and the fact that it said BOXING in big letters. It was sold in 2004 by the Guevara family that ran it for 35 years (link to a nice News & Review article from 2004), and just this week it has started undergoing some sort of a facelift. Continue reading “What’s to become of Capitol Boxing Gym?”