Th’ Losing Streaks need our help

Via BeatNonStop, a blog by SacBee music guy Chris Macias (big ups to whom, by the way, are due for daring to pose for that picture), although really I heard this first from Heckasac (see, that’s called a “hyperlink,” you use it to alert Web site readers that you’re including a reference to another site on the Internet) Th’ Losin’ Streaks and formerly The Troublemakers lead singer Tim Foster had a burglary at his Oak Park pad and got a bunch of stuff stolen. Not a group to take tragedy lying down in a puddle of Red Stripe and bong water, the local Sacto music scene is staging a benefit concert!

Because if there’s one event out there right now that has victimized innocent peoples’ property, and put them at the mercy of our generosity, it’s the theft of vintage guitars from a Sacramento musician!

Pay no attention to the horrible disaster

Caught up on some Hurricane Katrina coverage this morning, since the young one wanted to get up and play with me at 6:15. Now the 24-hour cable channels were full of tough coverage, reporters steeling themselves against 90mph winds, reporting on damage at the Super Dome, giving details of relief efforts. But our local crew at Good Day Sacramento wanted to make sure us Sacramentans felt the local angle. Bring in haughty beat reporter Naj Alikhan, standing by one of the many flood gates (at H street between the tracks and Carlson Blvd). Naj reassured us that Sacramento has 3 times as many giant sump pumps as the soon-to-be destroyed New Orleans and thus would be three times safer. Because it’s not right local angle if it doesn’t make us feel more fortunate than the disaster stricken! Thanks a lot, Naj.