Sacramento gets eliminated

Well, the ride to fashion stardom is over for A.J., the America’s Next Top Model finalist from right here in Sactown, sent home last night by the judges. On these talent type shows, it’s always sort of questionable for me who goes in what order–for example, you know that almost all of the remaining girls have no shot: Anchal, Jaeda, the twins. So why A.J., and why now? Who knows.

I loved when she was opening up to Tyra about how it was going so far on the show and she said she was having trouble relating to the other girls. Somehow, I thought, that’s Sacramento for you. You can take the girl out of the town, but you can’t take the town out of the girl. Know your roots, girl! (And seriously, ditch that hat thing.)

NOTE: Seriously, my wife did not write this. You know how I know I’m snarky?….