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One passes by these “For Lease” signs all the time, right?

www . Naghe, Naghe, Not gonna work here anymore!

Good luck remembering this website address…

www . Naghe, Naghe, Not gonna work here anymore!

In other Natomas news, I noticed the old Baja Fresh (2600 Gateway Oaks Drive, time to take the sign down yet?) has a Steve’s Pizza banner up in the window (which has recently fallen down making me wonder if this is also dying a quick death a la the other Mexican grill that took Baja’s place. Something in Spanish having to do with fire. El Feugo?

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2 Responses to Visit us on the web at…

  1. CoolDMZ says:

    “Honey, Stop The Car! Seriously, I need a pen and a few sheets of paper, this URL’s a doozy.”

  2. cogmeyer says:

    mercifully at least they used initials for NAI. It could have been worse!