Kings submit formal plan for arena development

According to the Biz Journal, the Sacramento Kings submitted formal paperwork to support their development plans for the area surrounding the downtown arena.

A rendering submitted with the application shows the hotel, including a pool deck on an upper floor, immediately north of the arena’s main entrance, and a reconfigured Downtown Plaza facing east, onto the main plaza and the arena.

I think it’s fitting that the 16 story building will all but block the view from the new arena of the Railyard.

Shaq picks Kings to make Western Conf. playoffs

Former Kings hater and current Kings part owner Shaquille O’Neal picked the Kings to make the playoffs in 2014 as the 7th pick in the Western Conference.

Apparently Shaq correctly predicted all 16 playoff teams for the lockout-shortened 2012 season, but I can’t find any evidence of this in the 7 minutes that I felt like researching it.

Renovations, eh?

Mavericks Win in OT

Sleep Train Arena will be undergoing some renovations before the NBA season opens:

The changes – expected to be ready opening night, Oct. 30 – include two new VIP lounges – one for the team’s three-dozen-member ownership group – and one expanded lounge. The visitors locker room, a long-reviled dungeon, will be doubled in size.

Not to pick on former staffer Runnergirl but here is a discussion from 2006 on this site about renovations including the very ones that are being planned. RG’s points were well-made, and I only include it here because it is relevant, not to prove anything. Though I do think the prevailing wisdom of the time was that these renovations were impossible. (Sac-eats has some choice bon mots in the comments section. Also–Kit!)

Sac’s pro soccer club: Sacramento Republic FC

The club’s crest

It was unveiled live at the event this evening, so it’s all over the Twitterpages, but Sac’s new pro soccer club is now officially Sacramento Republic FC. The club’s crest, featuring a brown shield, red star and the California bear, was also announced. It’s a pretty cool look! Also, I would drink that beer.

And it looks like the event tonight got a big crowd out to Raley Field. Urbs Indomita! (The Indomitable City!)

Supercuts to sponsor Sac Pro Soccer — but you get to name the team

Sac Pro Soccer, owners of the area’s newest pro sports franchise, announced this week that Supercuts will be a major sponsor.

But the actual team name, as well as its nickname, colors and shield, will be decided by a good old-fashioned contest. How about the Supercuts Fades or the Sacramento Buzzcuts, or maybe a name that is not terrible?

Carmichael Dave launches Project Zero; multi-city “road show” to save Kings

After hyping it on Twitter Sunday night, Carmichael Dave announced “Project Zero” today, which he calls a “huge team effort” to help “save the Kings.”

At about 4:00 PM today, Dave formally announced the project after a meeting with Mayor Kevin Johnson.