True Love Never Dies…

…it just moves around the corner! Local rock mainstays Kevin and Allyson Seconds have announced that they have signed a lease and will be re-opening the True Love Coffeehouse at 2315 K Street. The True Love closed last year after establishing itself as THE place in Sacramento to see local bands. The new location will have a larger stage area and more room to enjoy the music. But what about the waffles, baby?

Heritage Festival Comes Downtown

The Sac Rag extends a hearty thumbs up to the Sacramento Heritage Festival for bring it all back home to Downtown last weekend. After puttering around the burbs, the SHF found itself perfectly at home at River Walk Park in West Sac in the shadow of the ziggurat. Pedestrians, cyclists and shuttle-goers left their cars and cares at home and boogied the weekend away. Congrats and let’s keep the same locale for years to come!

Little Winged Migration

You can’t help but notice the tiny orange and black butterflies zooming around town.

No, this is not normal.

This year, Sacramento is a way station in the largest ever migration of the Painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui). After a winter in Southern California, billions of butterflies are making their way to British Colombia for the summer. The migration only occurs once every decade or so, possibly in concurrence with El Niño years.

My theory, while not widely accepted by the scientific community, indicates the return of Motley Crue.

West Coast Brew Fest

At the west end of Broadway, there is a colony of feral cats and skunks that harmoniously co-exist. The cats don’t mind the stink, the skunks don’t mind the cat politics. All is well.

This Saturday, if you hang a left at the cat/skunk colony, you will see a similar example of peaceful coexistence. People of all races, creeds and tattoo colors will congregate and ignore the things about each other that makes them want to “la la”. They will be enjoying the universal lubricant.

Free Beer.

Free, that is, with a $25 donation to local charities. But who can’t blow $25 in an hour or two at the local watering hole? I sure can.

The West Coast Brew Festival will be at Miller Park on May 14 from 1-5pm. Advance tickets for $20 at local breweries.

See for more info.