Arena deal reached

The Bee is reporting that an arena deal was reached right about noon today. Apparently the Maloofs agreed to pay between 25-30% of the cost and the sales tax would bank about $1.2 million (does that mean it’s for 20 years?).

As previously assumed, the city and county would co-own the arena and Maloof S&E would sign a 30 year lease. It would presumably take a pretty massive batch of cookies to get out of a lease that size. Perhaps something on the order of a pair of Kings tickets? As John (Uneasy Rhetoric) points out, the fact that it will definitely be going down in the Railyard was stated only in accompanying photo caption.

For more info, read other websites for cryin eye. I’m sick of thinking about having to pay a few extra bucks a month for an arena I’ll see the inside of once every 4 years.