Support your local post office

With the holiday season fast approaching (yes, I refuse to admit that it is upon us already) I wanted to provide you with a recommendation (a new Sac Rag category you’ll notice) on where to go to ship those presents and returns.

We all know we have many options when it comes to shipping. You have your Fed Ex, your UPS, your DHL, but what if you don’t want to pay a premium price AND be treated like you’re a bother? Give the new United States Postal Service a shot. Specifically, give your local USPS branch at 1618 Alhambra Blvd a looksee. I’ve been finding myself needing to send packages a lot recently so I stopped by this branch a while back on my lunch break. I’ve been back 3 or 4 times since and I’ll be damned if the folks there aren’t the nicest, if not a little odd, guys in town. And if Norris serves you, you’re really in luck. Plus, they employ the feeder line system with grace and efficiency.

It used to be that going to the Post Office was a death wish. You avoided it like Wal Mart (waa waa waa). But they’ve stepped it up and really provide some great prices and great service. And if your package is of normal size and weight you can even use their self service machine which is a real plus when you’re in a hurry. Easy to use, easy to pay, the works. And the delivery times are impressive.

Sacramento Public Libraries…”Check” Them Out

I know, I know, very punny. But now that I have your attention I wanted to remind you of the many wonderful resources available to you at any of the 27 branches of the Sacramento Public Library system. Who knew, right? I’m sure most of you, but with the advent of the home computer and more importantly the Internet, public libraries have sort of drifted off my radar. Well, Mrs. T has been spending a lot of time there lately and really turned me on to the many free features the library has to offer.

I’ve mostly been to the Arden-Arcade branch. If you haven’t been, you’d be surprised by the number of computers they offer with free internet access or the wide selection of CD’s and DVD’s you can check out. Each time I’ve visited the vibe has been rather mellow in spite of the large numbers of people there. Plus, right now you have unique opportunity to see a Princess Diana collection. I only say that last part with my tongue partially in my cheek.

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Endodontic Shout Out!

Well, looks like “sac-eats” has been opting for dessert too often on his nightly forays into the Sac eating scene because he had to have a root-canal yesterday. Apparently this surgery caused him also to refer to himself in the third person, which will cease immediately. I just wanted to give mad dental props to the folks at Sacramento Endodontics at 2 Scripps Dr. They made the harrowing root canal procedure painless and brief. I was especially fond of their use of chlorine in their irrigation water which led me to think of hot summer days and backyard swimming pools and not the eight inch probe sticking into my head.

If you need a root canal, you can always go to the town blacksmith, who will cauterize your face with a white-hot horseshoe or go to Sacramento Endodontics, where every tooth is special.*

*I was in no way given compensation for my testamonial.

Sacramento Endodontics
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