Lodi Terrorist Questions

From the Sac Bee (reg required): 3 hearings set amid Lodi terror probe

Another father and son, Umer Hayat, 47, and Hamid Hayat, 22, both U.S. citizens, have been arrested on charges of lying to federal investigators about the son’s alleged activities in an al-Qaida training camp in Pakistan.

First of all, I’m very sorry I ever thought that Martha Stewart got a raw deal for the sole crime of lying to federal investigators. Now I think she needs to be back in the system. Let’s get her in the pokey again, see if she’s ever been to Pakistan.

Second, what kind of plausible lie is there about your activities in an al Qaida training camp? “Yes, I was there, but strictly in craft services. I mean, I was in the room when they were doing the monkey bars and shooting at effigies of the President, but I was heating up a tray of short ribs at the time.”

Author: CoolDMZ

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