Scary Park Encounters

Two horrifying park encounters this week:

  • Tahoe Park has two play structures, one ostensibly for kids 2-5 and one ostensibly for kids 5-99. As we approached the structure for 2-5 year olds with our own 2 year old, we noticed 2 older girls playing there. We thought they were probably 14 which means they were probably 12. Our 2 year old is really friendly and she loves “big girls” so she immediately warmed up to them. It was cute until one of them said “Awww, I want a kid.” Flee!
  • Yesterday at McKinley Park I spied 2 young gentlemen playing in the pond, which can only be described rather optimistically as a disgusting pit of filth with ducks and geese. As onlookers called to these rapscallions (“Where are your parents! There’s poison in the pond, get out of there!”) the lovely parental unit approached. Reeking of pot. And actually smoking. She declared that she was gonna go pee and that those kids better be out when she gets back. We tried to find an authority figure to notify (I’m thinking they come home with sweet ear infections, bare minimum) and then gave up when there were none except the Clunie pool lifeguards.

Author: CoolDMZ

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