Charity puts stakes down

From the Sac Bee (RR):

Looking to secure its foothold and financial security, the homeless services charity [Loaves & Fishes] recently bought about two-thirds of an acre of adjacent property. …

Loaves & Fishes also hopes to improve services and the entire neighborhood by building nicer facilities that are less spread out.

Business and property owners are concerned, said Connie Miottel, executive director of Capitol Station District, a property owners association.

I understand property owners close enough to be affected by the “clients” of Loaves & Fishes being a little troubled by this expansion. But come on, if you live that close to Loaves & Fishes, isn’t this just going to mean more transients at a local charity and fewer on the sidewalk in front of your house?

You know, there is a giant ball of flaming gas in the sky that’s just begging to be used for something, and plus it’s like hundreds of miles away. Can’t we just “grow” our homeless charities out there?

Author: CoolDMZ

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