Say goodbye to Little Lucky’s

Via the Bee’s Anita Creamer, I have just learned that Albertson’s is going to close up its small store on 48th and J street in East Sac, always and forever known to loyal fans of the dingy throwback market as “Little Lucky’s.”

I invite our readers to comment on the passing of this institution my posting their memories of Little Lucky’s in the comments box. (I wish I had done the blogging thing back when they closed Frankie’s Pharmacy!) My own fondest memory of Little Lucky’s is that I once pilfered a gumball from the candy display there, and then a week later showed up looking for a job. Ah, nostalgia. Ah, youthful pilfering. I vow to return that gumball, or more likely its monetary equivalent (adjusted for 2005 dollars) to the store before it closes next week.

(By the way, I did eventually work a summer at Albertson’s, the big one on Folsom, and it was the absolute worst job I have ever had. More on that sometime.)

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2 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Little Lucky’s”

  1. I moved to Sacramento in ’96 and my neighbors pointed out what came to be known to me as “Baby Albertsons”. I love Baby Albertsons and will definitely miss it. I must also say that I refuse to even enter the Albertsons on Folsom for various reasons so I’d love to hear about working there!


  2. I’m still not over Franke’s closing and becoming some silly restaurant that I’ll never eat at. Well, unless they start serving cherry coke and Reese’s peanut butter cups.


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