Radiocure @ The Fox and Goose – July 23, 2005

The Fox and Goose was decently filled for a band called Radiocure ( this past Saturday. The stoic atmosphere of the club was complemented with upbeat pop rock from the local act.

Radiocure’s 14 song set included pop oriented country / alternative tunes. The five piece is composed of two singer / guitar players, bass, keys, and percussion (very talented, kudos).Two to three years in age, the band is very professional musically but a bit shy in audience interaction. The band could be compared in styling to Death Cab for Cutie, The Long Winters, or Matthew Sweet, but lacking similar writing ability. The act takes their name from a Wilco lyric, and makes strides to aspire to the likes.

The double guitar attack left the keyboard melodies indiscernible. Aside from a keyed intro at the start of one song, it was not present. The mix of the club was too heavy on vocals, an area the band is not as accomplished in, as say, their overall tightness musically. The material more country in nature was better executed and more complete artistically than the rest of the set.

With one catchy, radio friendly song, the act could reach a bit of success. They have the look, the presence, and they appear to enjoy performing. I recommend seeing them, I will again. They could be an acquired taste…end.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting Prowess: 3
Stage Presence: 5

Overall composition was satisfactorily done; the band clearly has put in the time for preparation. But generic themes littered with cliché notations and sub-par emotion left me unaffected.