Not to pile on, but, ok, to pile on

The Sac Rag is increasingly more alarmed with this WNV (yes, you know you are in deep doo doo when the acronym is thrown around) issue. For example, this excerpt from an article on

    This morning vector control district officials said they believe they have killed off 40 to 50 percent of the overall mosquito population in the sprayed area and called on residents to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes thrive. “After these applications, it’s not going to do us any good if people aren’t managing their water supplies — if they have unmaintained swimming pools, if they over-water their lawns — because we will see a recruitment of the adult mosquito population,” vector control district manager Dave Brown said.

So let me get this straight. This potentially carcinogenic substance being hastily spread over our heads night in and night out and is being touted as an overwhelming success can all be neutralized by a few ill kept cement ponds? Furthermore, also from

    “Obviously we would have liked to give people more notice, but the fact that West Nile exploded on us [meant] we had to react the way we did,” said Dave Brown, manager of the vector control district.

Exploded? Sorry, but I am pretty sure I got my panties in a twist last year about this time when I first was made aware that these little buggers were out there with this disease. I hate to call BS here, but I think the head honchos over at the Vector, Victor dropped the ball on this and are now back pedaling like Russian circus bears trying to fix it. At what cost? We’ll figure that out later…

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2 thoughts on “Not to pile on, but, ok, to pile on”

  1. I really like this comment from a reader to the Sacramento Bee in their forums on the WNV spraying.

    I’m ripping it off from their site, but here is a thought-provoking question:

    The Bee article says the area just north of the American River will not be sprayed by air, I wonder why? Could it be because the wealthy and politically influential residents along American River Drive had some input the rest of us didn’t? I dunno, but I haven’t seen any explanation for why this small sliver is being excluded….


  2. See, this just makes me think my husband was right when he called the spraying a scare tactic: all summer (like every summer) the mosquito abatement people have been begging people to clean up their standing water, accept some free fish, do something to help out with the mosquito problem … but nobody pays any attention. I suspect the hope is that people will pay attention now, but I bet they won’t. It’s easier to be lazy and to complain about it after the fact.

    West Nile may not be a huge public health hazard but I do think the increase in the rate of infection here is pretty scary, and certainly the mosquito problem this year is unreal.


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