Keep your green in the right lane

John at Uneasy Rhetoric has some ballsy comments re hybrid cars in the carpool lane.

And SacRagger RonTopofIt just shared with me this quote about gas prices in a story:

Many are feeling the pain in the pocket. “In my van it’s like every two days 45 bucks to fill it up,” lamented Mary Chicas of Plumas Lakes. “It’s like so crazy.”

Let’s do the math: let’s say she gets 13 miles to the gallon and her tank is 16.5 gallons (using that $2.72 and her $45, and 9th grade Algebra). I think Mary’s real problem is that she’s driving over 100 miles a day. She must commute to Dixon. That’s like so crazy!

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Keep your green in the right lane”

  1. You know what annoys me most about news stories like this in Sacramento? They always interview someone from a city (town?) that nobody has ever heard of or has any clue as to where it is. Plumas Lakes? Are we supposed to know where that is? Of course she spends a lot of money on gas if she’s driving from a place I know isn’t in a 50 mile radius.


  2. Well of course she has to go through that much gas in her van. When you spend all days combing the elementary schools surfing for tail, you too have a high gas bill. Add to that the increasing cost of candy, and you feel the bite of inflation right in your ass.


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