And who doesn’t love fireworks?

The California State Fair experienced its first fireworks show Friday evening of ’05. Unfortunately, this show wasn’t of the “…skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight” variety. No, the CSF (again, the acronym thing, not good) just wouldn’t be the same without some good old fashioned gunplay. According to, “as many as nine shots from a .22 caliber handgun” were fired as two groups of teens, “engaged in some kind of altercation with another group.” And to top it all off the suspect (who was arrested) is only 17! And to top it all off even more, “authorities said the alleged gunman threw the handgun away just before he was grabbed by officers on Heritage Lane.” Super, great, grand. Just what we need as folks make their way to the fair from offsite parking. No word yet on whether the gun was retrieved.

Author: RonTopofIt

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3 thoughts on “And who doesn’t love fireworks?”

  1. I’ve been twice to the State Fair, and stayed until 10pm. Both times, it got pretty scarey right outside the main gate. Gang members all over.


  2. Which leads us to the following conversation:
    HOOD: Yo, is this the lost and found?
    L&F: Yes it is.
    HOOD: Yeah, I kinda lost my gun.
    L&F: What kind of gun was it?
    HOOD: A .22.
    L&F: Oh, we’ve got a gaggle of .22’s. Was yours long or short barrel?
    HOOD: Uh…kinda medium.
    L&F: Nickel or flat matte?
    HOOD: Flat what?
    L&F: Matte… Listen, go next door to the charicature artist and have him draw up a sketch of your gun and we can use that to pick yours out from all the others. And pick me up a deep fried cheese log while your at teh midway, thanks.


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