The so-called “Cheesecake” effect

So it appears that Sacramento opens it arms, err, wings today to a new Hooters restaurant on Challenge Way, at the former Monterey Bay Canners restaurant site. Can’t wait to see the lines for this place. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love themselves some cheesecake, but these are buffalo wings, man, buffalo wings! I put in my application months ago to be a server, not sure why they never got back to me, but I digress.

Bob Shallit over at the Bee did a piece on something I noticed myself this weekend. There were signs advertising the new Hooters as “now open by Cal Expo” which is vague on several fronts. Lots of stuff is by Cal Expo and “now open” assumes that if you were to go there during regular business hours, it would be, like, open, right? Well, well, well.

Hooters PR guy Rick Bubenik says he wanted to get the word out. Thus the billboards. But he didn’t want to waste money putting up a “coming soon” message and then changing it a week later.

He’s hoping most people will learn the actual opening date from TV and radio spots that started Wednesday – and a message that began running Thursday on Cal Expo’s electronic billboard.


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