We report, you throw up

Thanks to Sac Rag reader “Lofter” for bringing to our attention the Good Day Sacramento story on conditions at Rice Bowl restaurant this morning. I didn’t see it either but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that i’m 101% sure sac-eats was not crediting with breaking that story. But did anybody see the story? I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. My one story about “The Loft” which I assume refers to the über cool rock venue of the same name is that I borrowed a copy of Deleuze & Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus from the book racks there and never returned it. Because what are they gonna do, demand that I follow society’s rules?

(Actually I’m not sure if I returned it or not. If it was the night I got spit on there then I might not have gone back after that. If you’re still fired up I’ll totally get you a new copy. Although sheesh, $19.95, capitalism at its finest.)

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10 thoughts on “We report, you throw up”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of satisfaction people seem to get from imagining that the Loft was anything more than a great venue. Everyone’s got some exagerrated story about how shunned they were there. It’s giving it way too much credit.


  2. Oops! i found another typo… “shunned” in mtsac’s comment should be spelled “spit on”

    yep…the Fillmore, Great American, CBGB’s, Albert Hall, and a claustrophic pestilent attic. come on people, take jokes. with CoolDMZ nothing should be taken seriously (except that thing i just said just now. serious.)

    (it should be noted that the spitter was not a Sacramentan, i wanna say his band was from Providence RI?)


  3. Probably just me, but pre-clarification, it sounded to me like it was someone involved with the Loft doing the spitting. Basically the place has an undeserved rep &, much like when people call Sacramento a hick town, it’s easy to jump at it simply because you’ve heard it so much & feel it’s inaccurate. And I think the band was Black Dice, who I believe played the Great American last time they were through California. Guess you gotta play some “pestilent attics” before you graduate to the “real” venues.

    Last comment from me.


  4. Dear Mr. mtsacramento: Irregardless of the source of the spitting, unless you are charging my client with a specific act of defamation of character, if there was spit, you must not acquit.

    I refer you to Section XVII of the California Penal Code, the subsection on “Taking a Frickin Joke For the Love of Baby Jesus.”

    (Just kidding it’s totally just me, CoolDMZ!! And i Googled the Black Dice and that’s exactly who i was referring to. what are you, mtsac, some sort of robot rock and roll genius? i fear your scary robot mojo.)


  5. Man, if you ever use the fake word “irregardless” again, I will kick you in your anonymous nuts. We need to do everything possible to stop the rampant spread of fake words, especially those that just extend existing words that mean the same thing.


  6. Loft bashing is so old. Get over it, some of you idiots didn’t make the mark and it brought up so elementary school shit. Some of us didn’t make the mark for true love either, we don’t whine.
    Oh and by the way – irregardless? Not a work buddy, it took me many years to learn this one too.


  7. I saw the Rice Bowl report. It was amazing. Naj Alikhan had the pictures taken by the health department. Rats and cockroaches everywhere.
    Another another great restaurant inspection.
    Did anyone catch the Tony Roma’s piece? The company decided to pull the franchise after the report aired!


  8. thanks tvwatcher. Knowing that it was Naj who did the report makes it more likely, in my mind, that SacRag did spark the story, since we’ve mentioned him before and he just looks like the kinda guy that Googles himself all the time.


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