California Brewer’s Festival

On Saturday, I was privileged to attend the California Brewer�s Festival at Discovery Park. It was a fantastically fun event with a diverse crowd and plenty of beer. For $20, much of which went toward hurricane victims, you got 10 tokens, good for beer samples and the option to purchase more. Since my memory of the event is a little shaky, I thought I�d just post my notes from the event.

10 tokens left
What a beautiful day-sunny and warm, the crowds are out for fun and fellowship. What should I try first. There are samples being offered by Sierra Nevada, Hoppy, Sac Brewing, River City? So many options. I�ll try this little place I�ve never heard of.

9 tokens left
Umm, very hoppy, very light, pretty good flavor. Not bad.
The band that�s playing is about 12 white people over the age of 50 playing funk�not bad really. What�s next?

8 tokens left
Dropped by the gold country brewers assn, a group of home brewers. Their German pilsner was divine, exceedingly smooth and tasty. Even runnergirl likes it and she usually likes ales and lagers. What a find! Don�t forget to pick up a brochure.

7 tokens left
Gotta stop by the Sierra Nevada tent. They�re offering stuff you can�t get in the stores. Yummy, their �bock� is really tasty. Runnergirl is going for the �summer ale�. I�m not a pale ale fan, but I admit, these folks really know what they�re doing�and their samples are about three times as large as everyone else�s�mental note for later.

6 tokens left
There�s a brewer here from Missoula, MT. Not sure what he�s doing at the California brewers fest, but he named his beer �moose drool�, have to give him points for that. Gonna have to try that. Pretty tasty, dark and smooth, bit of a scotch ale toasted flavor in the background. Very tasty.

5 tokens left
Skipping the Blue Moon Belgian White Ale and Fat Tire. I�ve drunk enough of both of them to fill a grain silo. And why is that Fat Tire so popular anyway? I think it tastes like s**t. I�m going to some place I�ve never heard of.

5 tokens left
Red rocket ale is super. not only did the broad behind the counter not charge me, she gave me like a full glass of beer�sweet�ran into some work friends. Informed them all of the boon at the Red Rocket Ale tent. work friends say that Mcsomething�s brewery is giving out full pints of something they call the �Kilt Lifter� got to check that out.

Still 5 tokens left
Jesus Christ, that Kilt lifter is like drinking grain alcohol. I�m beginning to lose sensation in my face.

4 tokens left
Used a token for water, gotta thin the blood a litte.

3 tokens left
I think I just took a picture of myself in a porta potty�thanks godsh I�m not drivin

2 tokens left
I f�ing hate Stella Artois. They can kiss my ass! Gimme some more of that moose drool!

1 token left
woih jhoih nbbb oiioklue fdiohh eeohohf

Out of tokens
dudeeeee�.they shud have 1 of theseses thingsss evry week, their sweeettt

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