Please join us in celebrating

The Sac Rag would like its readers to know that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. With a special shout out to Roseville based PRIDE Industries for their efforts to create jobs for people with disabilities.

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4 thoughts on “Please join us in celebrating”

  1. What’s this tasty tidbit doing here?! Sure- I’ll bite! With a challange. Put your money where your mouth is, just like you are requiring of all the small business owners:

    How many of YOU have done your house so all the windows can be raised/pushed open by a person sitting down who can only raise a weight of 10 lbs (oh- no thumb latches- what if a person without thumbs wants to raise the window)?

    Or done all your doors so they can be opened without grasping a door knob (gotta use push levers)?

    Or made the back burners of your stove so it can be accessed by a person of stature impairment? And no controls in the back- gotta put em up front!

    Or installed a bar in your shower? And not some lame $100 home depot bar- the real $1000 bar bolted to the studs that can hold any 750 lb person. Or installed a wheelchair accessable shower/tub?

    Or installed ramps over every step (or an elevator)?

    Widened your hallways and space around your toilet to allow a wheelchair to turn around (3 feet kids- no obstructions).

    Lowered all the light switches so short people/the wheelchair bound can reach em? Oh- you can’t use the tiny switch- gotta use the large size so anyone without hands can still operate it.

    Raised all the outlets so the wheelchair bound can reach em?

    I’m betting none of you have done any of those things in your own home. I bet none of you ever will, except maybe the shower conversion- and then only because it’s for YOUR OWN SELFISH REASON: you got no other way to get in to take a shower.

    So ask yourself: How important is handiaccess in your own life? You wouldn’t want to have to pay to retrofit your own house to do all that stuff, would you? And if you do and you have, great- you win. Let us know how much it cost so we can all start saving. You also get to feel really good about yourself. Oh- WAIT! Teri Schivo is coming- how is she supposed to open your fridge?!? Or take a bath- you DO have a lifting device into the tub, don’t you?


  2. Oops- sorry- forgot my point: The ADA ain’t it’s all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you own a small business. How do I know? Because no one makes the changes in their own homes unless they have to. What if a wheelchair bound person wanted to use YOUR bathroom? If it’s not that important to you at home, why should it be that important to me at my business?


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