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I like to poke fun at It’s no secret. I also like to reference their Web site a lot, too. I realized today that props need to be handed out. That is, I finally figured out that, while often times typo laden and haphazard, their internet news producer puts out some great “news” and deserves some Sac Rag love. Her name is Elizabeth Bishop. Along with a few other folks, it appears that she writes the copy for the Web site and presumably (because, you know, who watches News10?) provides a different angle than what you would get watching News10 on the TV.

Today, for example, EB gives us a great little story titled “State Workers Protest Rodent Infestation in Building.” Her choice of direct quotes and subtle editorials is both entertaining and refreshing.

“They’d climb up the pillars in the middle of the room, and they got rid of those and now we have baby mice on the desks, inside the desks, in the walls and even crawling when you’re sitting there typing.”

(from EB) Officials are urging office workers not to keep food in their desks.

All snark aside, Elizabeth, I’m a daily reader and who can argue with that?

Author: RonTopofIt

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