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Bumper Sticker PhotoA long standing peeve(s) of mine are car decorations. From bumper stickers to hanging tassles to license plate holders, I just don’t see the need. “Hey, everyone, look at me! I have something to say!” I was reading this article yesterday and I thought it would be fun to solicit your opinion, Sacramento. Bumper stickers: Yea or Nay?

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7 thoughts on “Bumper to bumper”

  1. OK morons and idiots of Sacramento. If you are going to put a ribbon on the back of your car, make sure you put it on right side up. I don’t know about you, but I immediately assume that someone is a moron if they hang their ribbon sticker sideways (like a fish). You see, it’s supposed to be a ribbon, not a fish. The writing is supposed to run up and down the ribbon!

    BTW – Yellow ribbons are 2.8 times more likely to be hung incorrectly than red or pink ribbons.


  2. My favorite one was the bumber sticker I saw that said, “Baseball butts drive me nuts!” I’m indifferent to baseball butts but just saying that makes me smile, every time.


  3. If you ARE going to put a ribbon on your car, you might want to go the snarky route & pick one of these: http://www.supportourribbons.com

    Some cars in the Midtown area (esp. near the Natural Foods Coop) are probably held together with an array of bumper stickers. You know the type — the ’86 Toyota Corolla wagon with at least these requisite stickers (and likely more):

    -Love your mother (then there’s a picture of the earth)
    -These are all the arms we need (with a cartoon of a child with outstretched arms, ready to give you a hug)
    -US out of my uterus
    -Greenpeace/Sierra Club/WWF
    -Darwin fish

    I personally have the “support our magnetic ribbon industry” sticker on my bike rack.


  4. i want to make my own sticker to add to the sticker that says “War is never the answer.” Mine will say “What if the question is World _blank_ Two took place between 1939 and 1945…?”

    posting on your blog to make fun of people with their 2 cents to put in… Irony or just Coincidence?


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